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Design Heart-Led Success!

Hi, I’m Cass. I work with heart-centred business owners like you, to create, expand and scale, in alignment with your values.

Attract amazing clients, serve at your highest potential, and create the success you dream of, with foundations forged in authenticity, purpose & integrity.

It’s time to enjoy marketing, craft transformational offers, attract the right clients, sell without toxic tactics and get results for your efforts!

Design Heart-Led Business Success

Hi, I’m Cass. I work with heart-centred businesses to help you create, expand and scale, in a way that aligns with YOU.  Attract amazing clients, serve at your highest potential and build the abundance you dream of, with authenticity, purpose & integrity at the core.

Learn To Have Calls That Connect & convert more of the right clients!

Get the free guide Art of Authentic Discovery Calls and discover how easy it is to have authentic client calls that keep your values in tact! No pushy, manipulative toxic sales tactics, just genuine calls that convert.

Ready to have sales calls that feel aligned?

cass duffill business strategist empowered marketing

 As a heart-led entrepreneur you started your business to make a difference. You’re ready to grow the business you love, but it feels so hard to make success your reality while keeping your values intact.

You create remarkable results for your clients, and you deserve a marketing and sales approach as authentic and impactful as the work you do. If traditional methods feel out of alignment, leaving you more drained than inspired, it’s time for a change! Imagine a strategy that feels true to your values and attracts more clients and consistent revenue, with ease and integrity!

cass duffill business strategist empowered marketing

A seasoned expert with a passion for elevating businesses like yours…

My unique blend of strategic marketing, transformational offers, authentic sales techniques, and client attraction methods is designed to unlock your business’s potential. You’re not just another client; you’re the reason I champion ethical growth. My purpose lies in supporting you to make a meaningful difference in the lives of your clients.  I’m as invested in your aspirations as you are, eager to see your vision realised.
Ready to create marketing you actually enjoy – and get’s results?

Transform business growth from daunting to a joyful journey. Tap into your uniqueness to craft a strategy & marketing approach that truly reflects YOU and your core values. It’s time to create a future that’s as abundant as your passion and as boundless as your dreams!

Working with me you will get the support, knowledge & direction you need to uplevel.  Consistent clients, reliable revenue & more impact will become your new normal.  You know you’re made for more, let’s make it happen!

“My business went from $700/mth to consistent $5k months working with Cass. Highly recommend getting her help to grow your business!”

“Working with Cass is awesome! There is no one else I’d go to for strategy. She helped me create marketing that works & improved conversion on my funnels.”

“Cass helped me turn my side-hustle into a lucrative business, and I left my corporate job! In just 6 weeks I had full books, the right messaging and multiple revenue streams.”

“Cass showed me that marketing didn’t have to be fake or salesy.  She helped me understand how to be authentic and share my values in my brand.”

“Thanks to Cass I now have a marketing framework and clarity of my messaging and content. I’m excited to market my business!”

“I finally have content that works and understand how to brand & market my business moving forward! “

“Cass knows how to make magic. I’d tried for years to fix my site messages & create a program that sells.  She helped me do both these, and more!”

“Cass’s support transformed my brand statement and messaging. Within 24 hours I had my first ever discovery call!”

“I got clarity and direction that no one else was able to give me. Now I’m starting my business from the right foundations”.

Let’s Work Together

business marketing mentoring for online entrepreneurs ready to grow

Expert Guidance To Navigate Your Journey

Time to make your dreams a reality, with support, gentle accountability & a confidante by your side.

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maximise success in a visionary cohort

Unlock collective wisdom & accelerated growth, with expert mentoring on demand.

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implementation & action in a heart-centered community

Curated to help you get momentum in your business, with expert training, mentoring and monthly action-taker sessions.

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Tailored programs for heart-centred success

Programs crafted for impactful results. Get marketing mastery, create your signature program or success pathway.

self paced programs to reach six figures business marketing mentoring for online entrepreneurs ready to grow

on-demand programs to get results right now

When you are ready to get results right now. Practical, easy to implement training, that you’ll actually enjoy doing!

Generate traction with heart-felt messaging
& captivating marketing. Grow with transformational offers & aligned clients you love to work with. Make sales easy, without feeling pushy or using toxic tactics.

Cassandra Duffill soulful marketing strategist mentor to health wellness naturopath entrepreneur

You want results! You provide amazing transformations & you want your business to reflect it.

Cass Duffill is an expert in heart-centred marketing, sales & business growth who helps entrepreneurs build the business they love, on the foundations of authenticity, integrity, and in alignment with their values.

create an impact, fulfil your purpose, AND BUILD A BUSINESS TO BE PROUD OF!

 Cass’s career flaunts brands like McDonald’s, Vodafone & Sony Films. With years of experience, unmatched qualifications and tenacious energy, she helps build the business you love, so you can create success on your own terms. Your passion to help others started your journey, working with Cass will help you reach your next level.

get more clients, make reliable income & create success in your heart-centred business.

Market, grow & make sales in your business – without selling your soul in the process!

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