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Online Business Success, Simplified

If you’re ready sculpt your talents into a business you love, with easy marketing that attracts the right clients, then friend, you’re in the right place!

It’s time to stop being a slave to your socials! Let’s express your uniqueness through magnetic marketing and vibrant campaigns, attract the right clients who need your transformative offers and build a sustainable revenue.

Online Business Success, Simplified

It’s time to stop being a slave to your socials! Let’s express your uniqueness through magnetic messaging and vibrant campaigns, and attract the right clients you need your transformative offers.

If you’re ready sculpt your talents into a business you love, that attracts the right clients & changes their lives with amazing offers, then friend, you’re in the right place!

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 Sick of blending into the crowd?
Feeling like it’s so hard to make the business you love a success?  Let’s turn that around.

Awaken your powerhouse business with magnetic messaging, simple business strategy, impactful offers & campaigns and a stellar personal brand. Create offers clients will line up for and rave about. Transform your talents into a marketing & business triumph!

You want more clients on the books and more revenue in the business, but you’re confused where to start. Marketing leaves you overwhelmed and getting more clients with traditional sales tactics makes you feel icky!  I’ve got a better way, that puts YOU in the drivers seat and attracts the RIGHT clients so marketing & growing your business becomes easy.

 Your result:
…more clients, more income, more impact
…easier marketing, authentic sales

Content that Connects - Magnetic Messaging Guide

Free Guide:
Content That Connects

3 Magnetic Message Blueprints plus a simple step by step process to nail your niche. Create messages that your audience will take notice of!

“My business went from $700/mth to consistent $5k months working with Cass. Highly recommend getting her help to grow your business!”

“Working with Cass is awesome! There is no one else I’d go to for strategy. She helped me create marketing that works & improved conversion on my funnels.”

“Cass helped me turn my side-hustle into a lucrative business, and I left my corporate job! In just 6 weeks I had full books, the right messaging and multiple revenue streams.”

“Cass showed me that marketing didn’t have to be fake or salesy.  She helped me understand how to be authentic and share my values in my brand.”

“Thanks to Cass I now have a marketing framework and clarity of my messaging and content. I’m excited to market my business!”

“I finally have content that works and understand how to brand & market my business moving forward! “

“Cass knows how to make magic. I’d tried for years to fix my site messages & create a program that sells.  She helped me do both these, and more!”

“Cass’s support transformed my brand statement and messaging. Within 24 hours I had my first ever discovery call!”

“I got clarity and direction that no one else was able to give me. Now I’m starting my business from the right foundations”.

Vibrant marketing, magnetic messaging &
growth strategy for entrepreneurs ready
to increase their income & impact.


Create and elevate premium 1:1 mentoring for natural health practitioners healers helpers soulful entrepreneurs

Private 1:1 Mentoring

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A six month 1:1 mentoring journey, crafted to achieve your goals.

the Elevation Code Mastermind for healers, helpers, practitioners and coaches

Premium Group Mastermind

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An action taker mastermind for entrepreneurs ready to grow.

vip marketing strategy intensive<br />

Strategy Intensive

cass duffill business strategist empowered marketing

Work 1:1 with me to create your marketing or business strategy.

Command attention with standout messaging
& captivating marketing. Grow with aligned clients & offers you love to deliver. 

Get ready to make your marketing impossible to ignore & create a successful business!

Cass Duffill is an expert marketing & business strategist who elevates entrepreneurs marketing, messaging & offers, from underwhelming to dominating!  Redefine your online presence, stand out and shine because 

nothing will destroy your business faster than
lacklustre marketing.

Thanks to coaches lacking integrity and useless programs that don’t deliver, entrepreneurs are overwhelmed and struggle to see the next steps.  You need vibrant marketing, incredible messaging and a strong personal brand that matches your amazing expertise.

Cass’s career flaunts brands like McDonald’s, Vodafone & Sony Films. With years of experience, unmatched qualifications and tenacious energy, she helps create marketing that builds a loyal audience of the right clients. Your expertise started your journey but your marketing is what will

cut through & create the impact you Long to make

Cassandra Duffill soulful marketing strategist mentor to health wellness naturopath entrepreneur

What the heck is marketing anyway?

Marketing is a journey you take potential clients on, where working with you is the next logical step.

It puts you in front of the right people.

Your messaging speaks to their heart.

Working with you becomes a no-brainer.

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Soul Aligned Entrepreneurs Hub

Join our free tribe of soul centred health & wellness entrepreneurs, for marketing and business advice at your fingertips.

2024 Marketing Bundle for health practitioners healers helpers coaches

2024 Marketing Template Bundle $27

Make a plan and execute it with ease in 2024 with this bundle of marketing & content planner templates, PLUS new for 2024, and Ideas Bank PLUS 100 Content Prompts!

Brand Clarity Bootcamp $47

Uncover your standout brand in this three part, self paced training. Embody your brand with heart so YOU shines through!

Empowered Marketing Podcast®, is a marketing & business strategist who elevates entrepreneurs marketing, messages and offers, from underwhelming to dominating!

Empowered Marketing Unleashed Podcast

Being a mission-led entrepreneur shouldn’t mean you make a pitiful income, struggle with marketing or never reach success! Join me for a journey packed full of impactful marketing, simple strategy, abundant revenue ideas, and expert interviews.

What you’ll learn:


Authentic marketing that attracts the right clients


Crafting the right offers


How to create success on YOUR terms


Easy ways to build an audience of loyal fans


Create a life by design with recurring revenue streams

A new episode every Wednesday!


Content That Connects – Free Workbook

Getting your core marketing message right is the key to connecting with your ideal clients – and it’s not as hard as you might think! Make it easy with my step by step message creator workbook.