An Introvert’s Guide to Marketing Online

Cass Duffill: Business Success Strategist & Marketing Expert

An introverts guide to marketing online

An Introvert’s Guide to Marketing Online

 The Introvert’s Guide to Staying Invisible yet Invincible Online!

Hello to all my introverts and entrepreneurs who avoid marketing because they don’t want to be putting their face online. I get it, I’m an all or nothing kinda girl (I blame my neuro-spicy brain). I’m either all over the place with lives, videos and more… or I’m crickets.  So over the years I’ve had to develop ways to market my business successfully, while not putting my face online.

Tell me, does the thought of splashing your face across the internet leave you feeling uneasy? Don’t worry lovely friends, it is possible to be present online and create successful marketing, without being “in everyone’s face.”

Here’s what I’ve learned from almost two decades as an entrepreneur an a decade in the online space.  Want to market your business effectively while keeping a low profile online…. read on…

1. Write Powerful Content
Content still is king and it’s one of the most impactful ways to make your voice heard online. Whether it’s blog posts, in-depth articles, or even social media captions to go with static posts, writing gives you the space to share your knowledge and express your ideas, without putting your face on camera.

Plus content in the form of blogs is, in my opinion, the most powerful marketing you can do.  Consistently writing content your audience wants to hear, establishes you as an expert, boosts your SEO and drives more traffic to your site – bringing more potential clients your way.

Don’t forget to repurpose your blog and share it across all your other marketing channels as well, get the most bang for your buck!

2. Engaging Imagery: Infographics and Graphics
A picture speaks a thousand words – and an infographic has the potential to speak ten thousand! Infographics, custom graphics, and digital art can be used to narrate a story, explain complex processes, or present statistics. Use platforms like Canva to create engaging imagery without requiring expert design skills.

3. Inclusive Podcasting: Share Ideas, Not Faces
Audio is an excellent medium if you’re comfortable with your voice but want to keep your face off the screen. Podcasts are increasing in popularity and offer you the chance to connect intimately with an audience. It’s an effective tool to share information, stories, and engage in interviews. Just press record, let your thoughts flow, and build an audience who appreciates your authenticity sans the visuals.  Plus, you don’t need to do your own podcast, guesting on other people’s is a great way to grow your business fast.

4. Impact Through Stories: Avoid the Camera Lens
Social media platforms, especially Instagram, have innovative features that allow you to share content without showing your face. Use ‘Stories’ to share written content, images, polls, or questions. Create stylish graphics or share inspirational quotes. Instagram’s algorithm also prioritizes engagement on Stories, so this strategy can help your account visibility.

5. Magic of Memes: Broaden Your Presence with Humour
Engagement is key on social media and what get’s more engagement than something funny or relatable!  Memes not only entertain but also help share perspectives and messages. They have a proven track record of going viral. Use them smartly to get your point across without revealing your identity.  Some of the best performing posts I ever do are a picture of my bedside table sharing the books I’m reading that week… and the picture of my feet when I rushed off to school wearing two completely different shoes! Don’t be afraid to show everyday human moments, people love to support and empathise with them.

6. Curate Instead of Create: Be the Go-to Resource
Another effective marketing practice is curating others’ content in your niche – can you share great articles, videos or other content by leading experts?  By doing this, you become a dependable resource hub for your audience, build relationships with peers in your industry, and stay active online without the need for constant original content creation.

7. Service Showcasing: Let Your Work Do the Talking
The best advertising is the work you’ve already done. Create an appealing, user-friendly portfolio or a compelling case-studies to showcase on your website or social media. Real, tangible results in your area of expertise speak volumes more than any photo of you might.

8. Testimonials: Real People, Real Experiences
Never underestimate the power of user testimonials. Your audience may relate more to a client’s explanation of their journey with you rather than promotional content. Showcasing anonymous or signed testimonials (with approval) can boost your credibility.

9. SEO: Be Invisible yet Visible
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing tool-kit. Well-executed SEO strategies can drive your website to the top of search engine results, helping you to be more easily found by your potential clients. This strategy doesn’t require any personal visibility but increases your online presence tremendously.

10. The B-Roll Buzz
One of the top performing pieces of video content right now is called b-roll footage. B-roll footage could be a video of your fingers typing on the laptop, your hand stirring a morning coffee, or filming you from behind walking. Drop some expert tips, some advice or a quote over the top and there you go, a top performing piece of content that doesn’t show your face.

Marketing successfully doesn’t have to equal maximum exposure or sharing every part of your life. By strategically leveraging the above methods, you can sustain strong online visibility while preserving your private life and without having to share your face online.

Remember, the objective is to share your value and uniqueness with the world, and there are countless ways to do that. It’s time to play to your strengths and build an online presence that both suits and serves.

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