attract aligned clients on repeat the easy way


Attract Aligned Clients In Abundance

(Even if you’re starting from scratch!)

Tuesday 9th April 6.30pm AEST 8.30pm NZST  //  9.30am GMT

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“Within 24 hours I got my first ever discovery call”

After implementing the strategies Cass recommended, in just 24 hours I got my first ever discovery call booking!


Premium Business Coaching & Training for Entrepreneurs

“I’m attracting the right clients”

Learning how to speak to the right clients changed everything. I’m now booking clients I love to work with and running a wait list!


Premium Business Coaching & Training for Entrepreneurs

In this value-packed
masterclass you will discover:


The magic ingredient for messaging that attracts the right clients to you like a magnet!


My game-changing strategy that will show exactly why you’re not getting the clients you want, and how to fix it!


Specific ideas and actions you can take and use straight away, to get more traction and have those ideal clients lining up!


Organic strategies that will build your audience & convert leads to clients, even if you’re just starting out.


How I grew my business from zero to six figures in the first year, without living on socials or giving away all my secrets!


How to jump the queue and convert leads to clients faster than ever!

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Scalable Success: An Entrepreneurs Blueprint to Six Figures & Beyond!

Designed to show you the simple steps to create a profitable, booked-out business, this is a guide you can use again and again – Scalable Success: An Entrepreneurs Blueprint to Six Figures & Beyond.

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Premium Business Coaching & Training for Entrepreneurs
Cass Duffill Heart of Business strategist marketing mentor to health wellness naturopath entrepreneur

A Message From Cass…

Your business will become as successful as you make it.
Isn’t it time?

You’ve done the hard bit, you had the courage to become an entrepreneur!  Many don’t, so you are already ahead of the game.

Yet few entrepreneurs commit to growing a profitable business that generates consistent revenue.

But YOU are willing to spend an hour with me to discover the most up-to-date strategies that you can use to generate an abundance of aligned clients and create a profitable business!

After this masterclass you’ll know the exact steps to take, so you can stop wasting your time on socials and never have to slide into someone’s DM’s again.

See you there! Cass x