Your Business Blueprint

Join me for an enlightening and empowering 1:1 psychic business reading. Gain direction and clarity, straight from spirit.


Your guides know your soul journey and the path you need to take.  Align with your highest potential timeline, with the wisdom of your soul guide team.


Cass Duffill psychic medium for business direction reading spirit of business

Hi, I’m Cass!

I’ve been a gifted medium, working with guides, angels and the ascended masters since early childhood.  As a naturopath my gifts rapidly increased, opening up the remaining clairs to me, as well as medical and forensic mediumship.  

As a business strategist these skills come to the forefront to give you new clarity and insights!

So if right now you’re feeling lost, unsure of the next steps or the direction you should take, book a Spirit of Business reading and let’s ask your guides to light your path.


No more wasted time & effort! Find the exact path forward.


A full 60min reading for your soulful business


Ask about overall focus & general direction


Clarify specifics from your brand name to the services you offer


Get direction for a full year, we'll work month by month in your reading


Receive the recording to rewatch anytime

Cass Duffill psychic medium for business direction reading spirit of business

Imagine having direction for a full year, from a one-off 60min reading on your business?

Well that’s exactly what you get in a Business Blueprint Reading.


Secure your Business Blueprint
reading now.

There are a limited number of these readings available, and only for a short time. This is a special service I’ve added to help you kick-off 2024 in the right way, and it won’t be available forever.

Business Blueprint Reading

This session explores your business, it’s direction, focus, opportunities and concerns.  As an entrepreneur your business is a direct reflection of you, we often touch on aspects of self and life that are causing energetic blocks within your business. Across the hour-long reading we ask for direction for the business as a whole, any specific issues or concerns you have, and then for the whole year (time dependant, we may ask for month by month guidance, quarter by quarter, or another option, depending upon what time will allow).

Do remember that any information we bring through is subject to free will and individual decisions will play a role in the ultimate outcomes you achieve in your business.

Your Investment

New Year Special – only $295 inc gst (usually $495)

Includes – a 60min Business Blueprint reading live with me on Zoom,
plus a recording of the session you can keep and watch later.

 How to book: Click the button above to purchase your session.
After checkout, you’ll be offered my calendar to make a booking.
Can’t find a time that suits? No worries, hit the “email Cass” button and I’ll find a time for you!

When to book: Your session must be held within 30 days of purchase

Refund Policy: You may reschedule with 48hrs+ notice but there are no refunds

After checkout you’ll be redirected to a calendar to book your Business Blueprint Reading. I recommend booking the first available time that suits you as you only have 30 days to use your purchased reading.  Need to reschedule? Email me with 48hrs+ notice and I’ll happy change your date/time.  There are no refunds. 

Jennifer W, Client: Cass has the most accurate readings, I’m always blow away by what she brings through! The guidance helped us make a crucial business decision that was much more lucrative – plus my dad came through at the end of the session, showing Cass the ring he bought me as a child!  Cass could never have known that. So grateful for the help and direction!

Sharlene R, Client: I’d been seeing Cass as a naturopathic client for a while, and mentioned I was confused with my career direction.  She got a message for me that changed my entire path!  Not only did I move into HR as she said, I was gifted the training I could never afford by my new employer – just as Cass said would happen. Amazing!


how do I know this is legit?

Well friend, I guess you don’t lol! Those that know me and have been in my world for a while, know how accurate my abilities are and trust in them.  I’m sure you’ll have the same experience after your reading!

are you experienced?

As a natural born psychic, I’ve been able to commune with the angels, guides, ascended masters and those that have passed since childhood.  For years I didn’t realise I was different, I thought everyone could do what I did.

It’s been a part of my life forever, but it was only as a naturopath that I started sharing my gifts.  Raised in a very strict Christian household, it wasn’t something I was permitted to speak about, share or use, so it was only in adulthood I stepped into my true soul path.

I’ve been helping people with psychic mediumship, medical mediumship, energy healing, akashic record reading and more, since about 2010, so over a decade now.  I suppose we can call that experienced?!

will this change my life or business?

Let me start by saying friend, I am not a genie in a bottle and I can’t grant you three wishes (although if I could, I would!).  The guidance I give is yours to take and use.  We are on the planet of manifestation, energy and most of all – free will. So the decisions you make after our session will set your direction.  I will give you the highest timeline outcomes and direction on how to best achieve them, but friend, the outcome is up to you.

is this ongoing support?

No, this is a one-off reading. You are welcome to come back for additional support in the future should you want it.  I also offer, from time to time, ongoing spiritual mentoring. Ask me if I have this available when we have your reading.

are their refunds?

No, I do not offer refunds. I’ve committed the time to your session and generally start work with your guides and angels in the days leading up to your session.  You are welcome to reschedule with a minimum of 48hrs notice, but I do not offer refunds.  

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