Content Creation 101 – Engage Your Audience

Cass Duffill: Business Success Strategist & Marketing Expert

Content Creation 101 - Engage Your Audience. Soulful entrepreneurs in health, wellness, healers, helpers & coaches.

Content Creation 101 – Engage Your Audience

Today we are going to take a deep dive into content creation for soulful entrepreneurs.  As healers, helpers, coaches & more, we look at business through a different lens – we are here to help and to serve.  Plus, as our core focus is helping the people we’re passionate about serving, our marketing has to be quick and easy to execute!

Your focus in content is sharing knowledge, inspiration, education and positivity.  You have important things to share that are going to change people’s lives, but if you’re frozen in content creation overwhelm, your content isn’t going to help anyone.

So here are my Top 10 tips for content creation that will engage with your audience. Let’s dive in!

1. Content That Serves a Purpose

Every piece of content needs to serve a purpose, based on the four focus points noted above.  Instead of posting anything that comes to mind, take time to plan and curate your content so there is a purpose behind it. Are you wanting to drive consults? Promote an upcoming program? Share an event? Knowing the “why” will guide your content creation.

2. Understand Your Audience

Know your audience really well, spend time considering who they are and what they need from you.  What are their issues? What do they desire? What solutions do they need? Tailor your content to address these points and you’ll more easily connect with them.

3. Create A Content Calendar

Do you know how much content you actually need, or are you winging it? Organise your creation process with a calendar.  Plan ahead and work out exactly what you need, so content creation is easier.  Will you send a weekly email? Post 3 times a week on Facebook? Do a monthly masterclass on Youtube? Make a plan, work out exactly what you need, and create the content in batches. (Need a content calendar? Here is a FREE version, and my Marketing Templates to purchase).

4. Run Your Own Race

Forget what everyone else is doing, focus on what YOU want to do. Do you love speaking? Maybe a podcast would be great for you! Love designing images? Then Facebook & Instagram might be more your style.  Do you like being on camera? Perhaps you’d enjoy running a Youtube channel!  Chose the channels and activities you actually WANT to do, then work out how OFTEN you want to do them.  Don’t add activities to your plan you hate or don’t want to do – because you won’t do them, and that will stop your progress.

5. Be Authentic & Leave Salesy To Used Car Dealers

Include “you” in your content creation, so your audience can get to know you. It’s called a “para-social relationship”, which just means your audience feels like they know you.  When they know you, they trust you and are well on the way to working with you.  Share your personal story, your hobbies, what you love and enjoy, and let your audience get to know you on a deeper level.

6. Vary Your Content Types

Many entrepreneurs focus on just one or two social media channels and content types, but there are many different content formats out there!  Experiment with blogs, try a video on Youtube, make a reel, use infographics, ask questions.  Diversifying your content keeps you interested and your audience engaged.

7. Don’t Forget SEO

Take some time to understand keywords, hashtags and SEO best practices, as these can boost your contents reach.  Tapping into content marketing and SEO is a great way to make your content discoverable and helps you reach a wider audience.

 8. Collaborate & Community

Who can you partner with to get your message to more people? Where and how can reach communities and networks who’d be the right fit for what you offer? Can you guest on a podcast? Deliver a masterclass in a membership? Think outside the square to get greater reach from your content efforts.

 9. Consistent ABC’s

“What is that”, you ask? What I call the Consistent ABC’s is the three areas you need to be consistent – in your audience attention and engagement (the A); in your branding (the B); and in your content (the C).  A is about consistently showing up for your audience, in the ways you promised, like in a weekly email or a monthly podcast.  Be reliable and build engagement with your audience.  B, is for branding. Is your branding consistent across your channels and online spaces; such as using the same logo, colours & profile image?  Lastly C is for content, having a consistent plan and making it happen.  Set a plan that is achievable for you, and execute it.

10. Data Driven Decisions

Lastly, when it comes to content creation, let data drive your decisions.  Track your metrics, such as followers on each platform, subscribes to your channel, or email sign ups. Look at the rates of growth, reach and engagement.  If you find one channel is doing better than the others, focus on growth there.  Be where your audience are and make a data driven impact. 


Remember, content creation is a journey, not a destination. Embrace your uniqueness, stay true to your mission, and enjoy the process of sharing your soulful message with the world. Dive deep, and may your content creation be as enriching for your audience as it is for your soul! 

Cass x

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