Creative Ways To Increase Your Revenue Online

Cass Duffill: Business Success Strategist & Marketing Expert

Simple ways for heart-centred entrepreneurs to increase their revenue online

Creative Ways To Increase Your Revenue Online

Right now many business are looking for ways to bring more income into their business, and today we’ll talk about creative ways to increase your revenue online. Regardless of whether you’re a solopreneur or an established brand, the online realm offers a huge array of opportunities to increase your revenue streams and grow a more profitable business.

But how do you ensure that your strategies not only attract attention but translate into sales?

Let’s explore a range of strategies – from the simple to the standout, and even some you might not have contemplated yet – to power up your online earnings potential. It’s time to find creative ways to increase your revenue!

Here are ways you can add revenue to your online business, starting with the easy wins and moving to the more complex – but more lucrative – options:

  1. Digital Downloads:
    Now before you hit the back button thinking “yeah Cass I’ve heard that before”, hear me out. In a trickier economy where people are watching their dollars, low ticket products in the form of digital download products, are selling well. The key with these is volume, because a $27 product sold 100 times is an extra $2700 in your business. So think about what your audience would love, that you could do as a low ticket digital download.

  2. Templates & Toolkits:
    Finding ways to make your ideal client’s life easier, with templates and toolkits. What could they really use that you could provide? A weekly meal plan with shopping list; a workout schedule; a kids activities planner; a family budget; a business planner; something else?

  3. Mini Course
    Right now your audience might be both time poor and money poor, so you’re amazing signature program that is multi-thousands to join, just isn’t on the cards for them. So think about how you could offer them a part of the solution, in a smaller and cheaper format. Mini courses are selling well right now, with short videos and step by step content. Price under $500 and you’ve got a winner!

  4. In Person Connections With Events
    Tough economy aside, people are still spending on themselves in the form of travel and experiences. So if you’ve ever thought about holding a retreat, a seminar or business expo, now is the time. (and yes, I know this isn’t exactly “online” but you’ll sell it online, so I guess it similar…?!).

  5. Virtual Workshops & Webinars
    People still want and need to learn what you have to offer. Think about offering a stand-alone webinar at a great price, or bundling up a package of 3 to 6 webinars that you could deliver monthly.

  6. Subscriptions
    Time to turn your 1:1 clients and audience into buyers with a subscription. These are great as they’re low ticket and take less of your time to produce. Not just online one’s either, subscription boxes are taking off right now. A subscription model can add well-needed recurring revenue to your business and is easier to sell than high ticket 1:1 right now.

  7. Trip Wires & Tiny Upsells
    Unlike the name suggests, a Trip Wire isn’t actually a dodgy sales tactic! Have you ever registered for a downloadable freebie, or bought a low ticket offer, and had a sales page pop up offering you something else at a special price? Well, that is a trip wire. It’s a great way to add to your sales right now, and a low priced trip wire is a no-brainer for many people. So try adding them to your lead magnet funnels.

Your Next Steps In Creating More Revenue In Your Business

Diving into these creative ways to increase your revenue might require a little bit of planning and maybe some tech, but it’s likely tech you already have (as most only need your website or an email campaign). Whether it’s through insightful mini courses, adding a trip wire, or designing transformative retreats, the potential to scale your online revenue right now actually is within reach. Each option I’ve shared not only offers a pathway to grow your revenue, but also provides another way you can help your ideal client – the way that they need right now.

What will you try adding to as an online revenue stream? Come share your ideas with me in my free group HERE. If you’re looking for support to grow your business, let’s chat – book a free connection call.

Cass x

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