Empowered Marketing Unleashed – The Podcast with Cass Duffill

Cass Duffill: Business Success Strategist & Marketing Expert

empowered marketing unleashed with cass duffill

Empowered Marketing Unleashed – The Podcast with Cass Duffill

Struggling to express your remarkable uniqueness through your messaging & marketing?  Do you want to make your business work for you, and create success on your own terms? My friend, you’ve come to the right place!

Cass Duffill, host of the Empowered Marketing Podcast®, is a marketing & business strategist who elevates entrepreneurs marketing, messages and offers, from underwhelming to dominating!  You’ll get straight-talking strategy, simple impactful actions and a whole lot of advice on growing and scaling a successful, profitable business.

Cass is passionate about helping amazing entrepreneurs stand out through their marketing and add online revenue streams to grow a lifestyle business.  Success on your own terms and a life by design is the aim.

Let’s create incredible marketing and powerful business strategy, so you go from invisible to unstoppable!

Cass’s career flaunts brands like McDonald’s, Vodafone & Sony Films. With years of experience, unmatched qualifications and tenacious energy, she knows how to create marketing and business strategy that builds a profitable business. 

After starting a wellness practice from scratch (as a solo parent with only $12 to her name no less!) she reached six figures in less than a year, and multi-six figures every year after.  Cass has curated her success from booked out one-to-one’s seeing 30+ clients a week; to adding digital products, programs, memberships, and more! She has a knack for transforming your amazing one-to-one into online revenue streams that grow your business fast.

A decade on she now teaches you everything she knows, along with amazing guests sharing their best business and marketing advice too.

Each week Cass gives actionable strategies and impactful tips to take your business to new levels of success.  Join her and her guests as they dive into topics on empowered marketing, business strategy, revenue creation, mindset, becoming an expert in your zone and building a life by design.

Cass strongly believes that integrity and authenticity should be the hallmarks of online business, and that we grow faster when we collaborate, share and support one another.  She’s excited to share with you her powerhouse strategies and introduce you to some incredible entrepreneurs from around the globe.

Tune in to Empowered Marketing Podcast on your favourite player, and dive in! 

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