How To Map An Epic Customer Experience

Cass Duffill: Business Success Strategist & Marketing Expert

How To Map An Epic Customer Experience

These days our clients aren’t just buying consultations, they are looking for an experience.

Gone are the days where you could get away with offering a half-hearted solution.  For natural health pracs, the days of having a face to face consult monthly, with no contact or support in between, are long gone.

As a marketing & business coach, I often get asked “How do I create a customer experience”.  It can feel daunting I know, but it’s pretty easy when you break it down.

Before embarking on creating your customer journey there are three things you need to know:

1. the clients PAIN POINT. 

2. their MOTIVATION. 

3. their EMOTIONS. 

Let’s break them down  so you can understand your potential client better & what their drivers are.

1. PAIN POINT. What is the reason that would bring them to you?  What issue do they need to address.  For example, let’s talk about a weight loss client.  Simply, their pain point is their current weight and they are looking for a weight loss solution.

2. MOTIVATION.  This is an extension of the pain point, their reason behind it.  For our example client, the motivation to lose weight might be to improve health, or to be able to be more active with their kids.

3. EMOTIONS. So how do they feel about it, now and when they fix their pain point.  Right now, our weight loss client might be feeling it’s too hard, they have too much too lose, or they can’t afford it.  After they acheive weight loss however, they will feel more vibrant, more confident and be able to play with their kids.

So our ideal client who we’re about to take on an epic journey of transformation is…

…. someone struggling with weight loss who needs an easy & cost effective solution, so they can enjoy being active with their kids …  BOOM!

There is your ideal client.  Now we know who they are we can work on crafting a solution to their problem.

Join me in the next blog in my series on Crafting an Epic Customer Journey

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