How To Grow With Simple Video Content

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how to grow with simple video content

How To Grow With Simple Video Content

The potent rise of video content across digital platforms is an undeniable phenomenon. From wellness routines on Instagram Reels to thoughtful advice on YouTube, the canvas for dynamic storytelling has expanded like never before. If you are a naturopath, a nutritionist, a coach, or a therapist striving to make a mark in the online wellness space, understanding and leveraging video content can be a game-changer for your growth.

In this blog post, I will demystify video content creation and sharing to not just grow your reach, but also deepen your engagement and connection with your audience. Buckle up as we set out on the journey of growing with video content, and don’t worry – we’ll keep it simple!

Decoding Video Content
From entertaining snippets to in-depth tutorials, video content can take myriad forms. Each comes with its style, purpose, and platform preference. Here are a few popular types that fit the healing industry:

Educational Videos: These include explainer videos, webinars, or how-tos. They provide your audience with valuable knowledge and establish your credibility. Be sure to manage the amount of educational content you share, as too much will overwhelm your audience and lower engagement, instead of growing it. A good rule of thumb is a maximum of 20 percent of your content.

Inspirational Videos: Be it related your business, your niche, or life in general, audiences love some inspirational content.  Film a quick snippet on your phone sharing your favourite quotes, a great piece of advice, or showing a part of your daily routine that could inspire others.

Call to Action: Often entrepreneurs in our space forget to ask for the sale or the sign up. Share content designed to get people onto your list, booking a discovery call or signing up to work with you.  I recommend having these types of content coming out once per week.

Remarkable or Mic Drop Content: What are your values, your mission or your goals? What makes you unique? What do you stand for? This is the content that allows your audience to get to know you and stand up beside you as a loyal and engaged follower. Give them a reason to by sharing what makes you YOU.

Client Testimonials: What’s better than your client sharing their transformation story in their own words? When you finish working with clients, or even during the process, ask them to give you a quick video testimonial. These can be used in as a complete video or broken into smaller videos.  Clients can also film their own and send them to you.

Behind the Scenes: A sneak-peek into your working style, your workday or your life in general, can make your audience feel more connected to you. One of the pieces of content I shared that got a lot of traction once, was sharing that I left home in a rush for school drop off, wearing two different shoes! So many supportive comments and lol messages, the engagement really helped my account move forward.

How To Create Impactful Video Content
Start with Why: Before crafting video content, define its purpose. Is it to educate? To inspire? Or simply to entertain? Let your ‘why’ guide your ‘how’.

Simplicity is Key: While videos need to be engaging, they don’t have to be overly complex. Clear communication trumps flashy production every time. Most successful YouTubers started with just a smartphone and genuine passion.

Script for Success: Prepare a script or an outline for your video. Knowing what to say helps in delivering the message effectively and keeps you focused. However, don’t be afraid to let some spontaneity shine through! You can have this as simple notes, or use a teleprompter app on your pc or phone. In my opinion natural speaking is best, so if you can film without a script, even better.

Great Natural Light: Great lighting can elevate your video’s visual appeal significantly. Whenever possible, shoot during the day and close to a window to leverage natural light.

Prioritize Sound Quality: Viewers will forgive lesser video quality, but not poor audio. Invest in a reliable microphone if possible, or ensure the environment you are filming in is quiet and echo-free.  The sound of wind and passer-by noises can be elevated on video, so be mindful of where you’re recording.

The Hook Is Everything: Your title and description should be keyword-optimized and engaging to improve discoverability and click-through rates.  This is called “the hook” and is the main reason someone will watch your content. Instead of starting your video with “hey I’m just jumping on to…”, instead start with “Want to know the top 5 way to boost your metabolism right now”.  Get their attention from the very start.

Sharing Your Video Content
Align with Platform Norms: Prioritize a platform that your target audience prefers. Remember, each has its own unique posting guidelines – the vertical, short videos loved by TikTok won’t work as effectively on YouTube, which favours horizontal, long-form content (unless you’re using YouTube shorts, which is better suited to vertical video).  Understanding these nuances is vital.

Consistency Wins: Like all content marketing, consistency is key in video content. Create a posting schedule and stick to it to build and sustain a faithful audience.

Repurpose with Purpose: One piece of video content can be spun into multiple formats for various platforms. An Instagram live session could be repurposed into several short video snippets to be shared over time.

Engage and Interact: Encourage viewers to like, share, comment, and subscribe. Respond to comments and facilitate a sense of community around your videos.

Overall, growing with video content does not have to be an arduous, complex process. With engagement and reach metrics being so much better for video content, you can actually do a lot less marketing, and get much better results!

With a dollop of creativity, a dash of authenticity, and a sprinkle of strategic efforts, you can elevate your online presence and impact. The magic of video content lies in its power to bring your healing stories to life – a power that’s sure to enchant your audience and fuel your growth. Happy filming!

Cass x


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