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Cassandra Duffill soulful marketing business strategist for healers, helpers, coaches, online entrepreneurs

Hey there, I’m Cass!

I know how to create a successful business. Blend my background in corporate marketing & business, with a degree in strategic business & marketing, you can feel secure that I that you’re working with a mentor who has the right qualifications and experience to really help you.  

Add the fact I’m a qualified naturopath who built a successful practice, you know I have the first hand experience you can learn from. Plus the fun and focus of my intuitive gifts and psychic mediumship, you’ll get direction and breakthroughs you never expected! 

I know what it takes to be a healer and helper – and create abundance!  You were put on this earth to make a difference and to help people. I will show you how to fulfil your life’s purpose AND make a great income too!

Welcome to my world, I look forward to stepping you through the journey to the success you deserve! 

I’ve worked with many coaches over the years, but Cass is the ONLY one who really supported my business. Other coaches were a waste of time & money.  She helped me launch my program and a new product, and walked me through all the tech step by step. Working with Cass I became really clear about my program, learnt the tech to create it, and launch it.  We also launched my subscription box and affiliate program.  I’m so grateful for Cass’s monthly mentoring!

Rebecca Lang

Naturopath, Juice Bar Owner, Author

If you get the opportunity to work with Cass, you should take it! She gave me new ideas and helped me craft marketing that works.  She always focused on what was achievable for me, with family in mind. Cass could see why my sales funnel wasn’t converting and helped me craft a new launch process. I have clear direction now and I know what to do next.  There is no one else I’d go to for marketing strategy in our industry!

Katie Barron

Naturopath & Educator

Working with Cass AMAZING! Content was well presented & easy to implement. Cass’s honest feedback & help throughout is invaluable. After the program I know what to do, I know where I’m heading & how to market to generate consistent income from
my business. A heartfelt thank you Cass!!!

Barbara Hiller

Naturopath, Lavender Sleep Solutions


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