Soulful Marketing Blitz

Free 4 Day Challenge

Mon 2nd October – Thurs 5th October 2023

It’s more important than ever to get your marketing right and over this four day challenge I’ll show you how so you can start attracting dream clients right now!

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Challenge Dates – Monday 2nd October – Thursday 5th October 2023

If you’ve ever wished marketing was easier, this challenge is for you!

Get super clear on your ideal client & back it with your passion & your purpose

Dive into the “you” behind your business & bring that uniqueness into your marketing

Create transformational statements & content that connects with your dream clients, to increase conversions

Learn step by step of how to create your own holistic marketing plan, one that suits you and attracts the right clients

Join Me For My FREE 4 Day Soulful Marketing Blitz Challenge starting on Monday 2nd October 2023.

Kind Words ~ Clients & Program Participants

Soulful Marketing Blitz

Free 4 Day Challenge

Monday 2nd October – Thursday 5th October 2023

Provides a deep-dive into the soul of your marketing, in simple steps,
led by an industry expert.  Across four incredible days we will cover:

Get Soulful Clarity

Successful marketing requires a solid foundation. Get your foundation right & stand out to the right clients!

Nail The Transformation

Define & empower your transformational statement so it connects with your ideal clients!

Connect With Dream Clients

Are you where your clients can find you? Work out the best places to be, so you can connect with your dream clients!

Your Soulful Marketing System

A marketing plan that suits you, your life & speaks to your ideal client (yes, it is possible!).

Soulful Marketing Blitz free 4 day challenge for soulful entrepreneurs, healers, helpers and coaches

Who are you & what is this challenge?

I’m Cass Duffill, and I help entrepreneurs inject heart & soul into their marketing so they can attract their dream clients.

The number #1 issue entrepreneurs have is getting enough clients, and the reason they’re not getting enough, is their marketing.

This challenge is designed to give you the right marketing foundations to go forward with confidence! I know that infusing your marketing with heart and soul is the key that build your business.  I’ll show you how.

I’m a marketing & business strategist, and for over two decades I’ve marketed some of the biggest brands in the world, and built my own thriving online businesses.

I want you to learn my simple, soulful way of marketing, so you can make an impact online and attract an abundance of dream clients, without being a slave to your socials.

Let me show you how, see you at the free challenge! 

Soulful Marketing Blitz

Join the FREE 4 day Soulful Marketing Blitz challenge and ignite the soul of your marketing!

Discover the power of captivating content that attracts your dream clients and unleash the secrets to soulful marketing that will revolutionise your business.

Prepare to embrace the boundless opportunities that lie within mastering the art of marketing with soul!

here is how it works…


Register to join the Soulful Marketing Blitz 4 day challenge here


Join the Facebook group where the live sessions will happen


Attend the daily live sessions at 10am in the group (AEST).

Join Soulful Marketing Blitz Free 4 Day Challenge

Register below to receive all the challenge details and the free workbook!

Dates – Monday 2nd October – Thursday 5th October 2023


Here are the answers to some common questions. 

When is the challenge and is it really free?

Soulful Marketing Blitz 4 day challenge starts on Monday 2nd October and finishes Thursday 5th October 2023 (Australia time).  The live training sessions run daily at 10am in the Soul Aligned Marketing Hub Facebook group.  

Yes, the training is 100% free! It’s important to me that you get value and can start making headway in your business right now, that is why this challenge is free.


Who is this challenge for?

Soulful Marketing Blitz is created for any entrepreneur who markets their business online.  With my background I support a lot of healers, practitioners, helpers, coaches and spiritual entrepreneurs. The marketing foundations are the same, regardless of who you actually help.  This challenge is not suitable for ecomm.

What if I can't make it live everyday?

I get it, life is busy! That is why the trainings will take place in the Facebook group, so you can watch them later.  

We do know that showing up and doing the work is an indicator of success, so try to show up live!  Need a nudge? There are PRIZES on the line for those who show up LIVE (…I’ll tell you more in the first training!).


How long can I access the replays?

The trainings will stay live in the group until Friday 13th October 2023, so you have a whole extra week to do them, before they are archived.

What will I gain from being part of this challenge?

Show up, do the work and you will get clarity around your marketing foundations, set a plan that is achievable for you, and start making an impact online.  The training is delivered in easy, simple steps, with me offering help and advice. Anyone who’s ever worked with me or done one of my challenges – and did the work – say how quickly they saw results!

What is the price?

The challenge is 100% free!   All you have to do is show up!


How is the challenge delivered?

Each training is delivered live in the Facebook group, at 10am AEST daily, from Monday 2nd October until the last training that happens on Thursday 5th October 2023.

There is a workbook that you’ll receive in the days before we start. You must register to receive the workbook and access to the trainings.


I have another question...

Email the team at and we’ll be happy to answer.