The best mentoring program to learn the foundations of a successful wellness business that is profitable, scalable and provides amazing client transformations.

You’ve been running your business for a while, or maybe your new to business, and you’re wondering…

1) Where the next clients are coming from. You want to help more people but you struggle to get a steady client flow.

2) How to grow to make the income you need to make for the business to be profitable and viable long term.

3) Where to focus your time to get results? Is it marketing, offers, pricing, your website, social media… eeek, there’s too many options!

cass duffill business strategist empowered marketing

You’re just not sure how to make it work

Chasing client after client isn’t sustainable. All the time you’re spending on social media isn’t getting results.  You know you need to be consistent but you don’t know where to start.

All you’re hearing online is bad stories from struggling practitioners. Plus the things you’re hearing about mentors ripping off business owners and delivering very little.

With all this in your head, you’re confused! What is the right way to move forward?

Everyone online is touting a different way or the strategy they’re selling – but it’s all just one piece of the puzzle and not enough for you to make it all work.

Until now…

I’m Cass, Business Success Strategist & Practitioner Mentor.

I ran a successful clinic for a decade, generating multi 6-figures every year, seeing 30+ clients a week. I know exactly how to create a profitable practice, because I did it. With full books and a busy client load, I diversified into new revenue streams. These grew my business further, without adding to my workload.  

But I also know the stress of starting up the business you love and wondering if it will actually work! My first month I made $496… then by month six I’d turned over $102k.

Let me share how I got here…

I started my practice on the back of a divorce (that blind-sided me completely) with 2 neuro-spicy kids under 2 in tow.  That clinic ran for almost a decade.

Armed with a degree and a long career in marketing & business strategy, my business grew quickly.

Seeing 30+ clients a week, I’d closed my books to new clients & was running a long waitlist.  Things were pumping!

Other practitioners & business owners who started up the same time as me, weren’t in the same position though. Many reached out for advice and help, wondering how they could create success too.

That’s when the idea of mentoring practitioners and business owners entered my mind.  The foundations I used to grow swiftly could be taught to any service based business.

A few years down the track I realised I could keep helping clients and make a impact person by person; or I could help practitioners build successful businesses and make a huge wave of change in the industry!

Because here’s what  profitable practice gives you:

>> A steady flow of the right clients who you can help with amazing transformations

>> The income you deserve for the time, knowledge, education, compassion and care you put into supporting clients.

>> Freedom, the lifestyle you want, and no more worrying about how to pay the next bill (maybe even  take a holiday or spoil yourself with something nice).

>> Less stress, now you don’t worry about practice revenue, you can enjoy time off, hobbies and time with family without the constant concerns about your business.

If you’re agreeing with these points, likely you need to build a profitable practice too!

But here’s the thing…

Not all trainings & mentors teaching how to build a practice are getting it right. Just because they created a business that made some money, or have a mindset qualification, doesn’t mean they can teach you the marketing & business skills you need.

Creating a profitable practice is a blend of the right offers, goal setting, impactful marketing & client results. Friend farming mentors just can’t teach you any of that.

Once you build the foundations you’ll create a business that generates referrals, clients will rave about you and bring more clients your way.  You’ll be able to scale with new revenue streams (if you want) as you’ll have an audience eager to work with you!

A profitable practice for you – outstanding results for your clients.  Sound good?

Cassandra Duffill soulful marketing business strategist for healers, helpers, coaches, online entrepreneurs

In The Pathway to Profitable Practice I teach you the 8 success pillars. I help you to:

>> Create a profitable practice you LOVE that can grow & scale over time

>> Market your practice in easy and impactful ways

>> Create transformative client journeys that bring you endless referrals

>> Understand the art of integrity in sales, so you never feel icky charging your worth again

>> Hold authentic discovery calls that convert, with no need to be pushy or salesy

>> Set goals and make actionable plans so you can hit targets long term

Now Let’s Look At What You Get in The Pathway to Profitable Practice, at a glance…

Phase 1: Success Planning & Clarity

Success not a happy accident, you need to plan for it. Get clear on your goals, pricing, offers, niche, ideal client, success strategy and longer term direction.

Phase 2: Transformative Client Journeys

Craft the right journey that brings the right clients to you, and support them with transformations that turn them into raving fans.

Phase 3: Activate Impactful Marketing

Understand the right marketing channels and how to use them to build an audience of the right people.  Learn how to drive more traffic to your site and convert them to clients.

Phase 4: Authentic Sales & Client Conversion

Convert leads to clients without being pushy, salesy or giving away a free advice on the calls.  Enact the authentic sales process & integrity based discovery calls to grow a business you feel good about.

Hear from past mentees who’ve built their profitable practices

case study, client who got results with Create & Elevate with Cassandra Duffill

“I went from $700 months to $5k+ consistent months”

“I joined a six month mentoring program with Cass  because I knew I needed support and direction to grow my business.  Cass helped me grow my clinic and 1:1 clients, while at the same time teaching me how to add revenue streams to build my business faster. I created, launched and delivered my first online program and I crafted my brand new membership.  My clinic revenue increased over 600 percent, from under $700/month to consistent $5k months”.


Jayne Sharpham, naturopath Cass success story mentoring natural health

“I created new revenue streams”

“My clinic was fully booked and I had no capacity for new clients, which meant my income was also capped.  I came to work with Cass for six months in 1:1 mentoring, to create an online program as a new revenue stream.  Cass made the process so easy, stepping me through every element.  I created, launched and delivered my first ever group online program! I’m returning to work with Cass in 2024 to create a new passive income stream and learn how to effectively market it”.


Case study Cass Duffill naturopath mentoring success Rebecca Lang

“I feel truly supported and am growing my revenue beyond 1:1 consults”

“I’ve wasted so much money over the years with mentors & coaches that didn’t deliver what they promised. Cass is the only one who really supported my business.  My 1:1 books are full, so she showed me how to add new revenue streams.  We created & launched a program, she even walked me through the tech!  We also launched my subscription box and affiliate program.  I’ve worked with Cass for the last two years (and continue to work with her now) and I highly recommend it!”.


cass duffill business strategist empowered marketing

I’ve spent thousands of hours creating a practice building experience that works.  This is your opportunity to learn everything I’ve used and discovered about building a profitable practice. Take what you learn and apply it to your business too that you can make more revenue and create an exceptional transformative experience for your clients – results that keep them coming back and referring friends & family to you too.

This is a program you’ll revisit time and again for the life of your business, designed to support you with the foundations so you can build, grow and scale over time.

Why should you learn this from me? Let me tell you why…

>> I ran a practice for a decade that generated multi-six figures every year

>> I’ve helped my clients create consistent monthly income and new revenue streams in their businesses

>> Not just a practitioner who made it good by luck, I’m degree qualified in marketing & business and had a career for huge global brands, long before I was a entrepreneur.

>> I’ve experienced the depths and breadth of running a business, from burn-out and back again, and I’ve launched pretty much every revenue stream in the process.

Let’s dive deeper into exactly what we cover:

Success Planning

Create a success strategy to achieve the goals you really want. Get get clear on your offers, pricing and where you stand in the market. Create a Success Strategy to get you there.

Client Journeys

Uncover how to craft a client journey and support sequence that turns clients into raving fans that refer to you.  Learn about onboarding, offboarding and meeting client expectations.

Clarity & Message

Learn how to create messages that connect with your audience and how to uncover the right niche and ideal client who you can truly help.

Magnetic Marketing

Create marketing that gets results and stop being a slave to your socials.  Learn how to use marketing to drive website traffic, that convert to clients.

Leads & Audience

A crucial pillar often missed is lead generation, because leads become clients.  Create a lead generation strategy that brings clients to you.

Integrity Based Sales

Sales can be done without being pushy, or manipulative.  Learn authentic sales and how to have integrity based discovery calls that convert.

Foundation Funnel

Learn how to put lead generation on auto pilot and create a funnel that works.  Create your freebie and email nurture sequence.

How To Grow

1:1 offers will only get you so far, there will come a time you need to move beyond the glass ceiling. You’ll learn new ways to add revenue.

Bonus Value!

>> A series Q&A calls to get specific advice & mentoring for your business (value $1500)
>> Goal & Strategy Plan Template (Canva) (value $47)
>> Client Welcome Pack Template PDF document (Canva) (value $27)
>> Marketing Plan Templates (excel) (value $27)

Plus lifetime access to the program, call replays & support during the program

Your Investment

I want this to be an easy “yes” for you, as this content is a complete
game-changer in your practice! Which is why there are payment options and a super affordable launch cohort price (to be announced soon!).

The Lowdown on Cass

Hi I’m Cass, Business Success Strategist & Business Building Mentor to practitioners, coaches & service based entrepreneurs committed to creating a profitable practice.

Using my signature framework, Pathway to Profitable Practice, I support clients to create successful businesses, scaling to 6 figures and beyond.  Clients working with me have 10x their monthly revenue (and more) using marketing, monetisation, success strategy & mindset.

 I spent over a decade in marketing in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane for some of the world’s leading brands.  After a decade in private practice I’m now on a mission to support passion-led entrepreneurs experience a profitable practice and the freedom that brings to their lives.

Cass Duffill | Business Strategist
Do You Have Payment Plans

Sure do! You can choose to pay in full, pay in 3 monthly instalments or pay in 6 monthly instalments. Scroll up to see the current investment.

How Long Do I Have Access

You have lifetime access! This program was created with the intention you’d use it as an ongoing resource through the years of your business. Should this business close you will be given access to all content in a google drive that you can keep forever!

Is This A Program, A Group Or A Mastermind

It’s a group program with 1:1 support in the form of 4 x Q&A calls throughout the program.  So I suppose it’s a blend of a program and a mastermind!

My Business Isn't A "Practice". Is this for me?

If you run a service based business that supports clients through a journey of change, then this program will help you! It is not suitable for an e-commerce or product based business.  As I’m a naturopath by trade, I get many practitioners as clients, but I also support a range of therapists, coaches, mentors and businesses outside this realm, like education and tutors.

I'm a Graduate or Have a New Business

Perfect! The one thing you qualifications missed is business and marketing skill, so you can learn them here. This training will set you up for success from the outset, and save you time from trying to work it out on your own.

Is There A Guarantee

This launch round is almost half price what the ongoing course price will be. For this reason there is not a guarantee this cohort. Additionally, due to the digital nature of this product, as soon as you access it, by law, you have used the product and you are not eligible for a refund.