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Powerful vision boards - CD strategy and soulful marketing

Powerful Vision Boards

I recently interviewed Julie Jones from Ocean Flow on the podcast, about the  power of creating vision boards in your business.  What became apparent to me really quickly during out chat, is that for most of us, we’re doing it wrong!  We stick pretty pictures and motivational words on a board, stick it somewhere out of view for the year, and wonder why it didn’t come to fruition.

Vision boards are a living piece of planning, something that is structured and focus, that you take action on everyday to make happen.  Here are some juicy bits from my interview with Julie! If you’d like to listen to the whole episode, it’s live on the podcast now.

1. The Benefits of Vision Boarding in Business

Soulful entrepreneurs spend a lot of time helping others and supporting out clients.  This can stop us focusing on our own business and thinking about it’s direction and potential.  Vision boarding helps align our focus toward our business and life goals.

Vision boarding can help you stay connected to your goals throughout the entire year and make progress toward them every day.

2. Planning for Progress

If you’re not planning for progress in your business, and your life, you can start treading water.  You’re not hitting the goals or moving forward.  It’s not just sticking pretty pictures on a board, it’s being intentional and using images to activate our goal actions

3. Common Elements

There will be common elements on your board from year to year and the elements on it should help you visualise the end goals and the dreams set for the year ahead.  It brings them to life. The board should inspire you every time you see it.

Break your board into common life areas, these could be business, family, health, selfcare – anything really that you want to achieve – and set goals for each of these key areas.

4. What Timeframe is a Vision Board

A vision board is actually only 12 months focus, and based around the goals you want to accomplish that year.  You can also use an Intention Board, which has a longer term focus. The intention board is the right place to put the picture of the house you want in 5 years.  More than business goals, your board should encompass your life goals.  

5. Why to Vision Board

To make sure that you are creating the life that you want to achieve. It’s about really bringing to life those dreams and goals that are going to be meaningful to you. It’s about life by design. You have to design the life that you want. It doesn’t happen by chance. You need to be thinking and dreaming and envisioning what you want this life to be, because otherwise it doesn’t happen. 

6. Why Vision Boards Fail

Entrepreneurs often tell me they tried vision boarding and it didn’t work.  There are reasons why these might fail to become your reality, namely; setting goals too big they can’t be accomplished in a year; not taking steps to make it come to fruition and just hoping it manifests; not committing to the goals; not emotionally connecting to the board and it’s meanings.

7. Top Tips To Make It Successful

1 – put the board where you’ll see it every day

2 – take action on one of your goals every day

3 – make the timeframes realistic and achievable in a year

4 – start with the right size board, too big can be overwhelming to complete

So friends, have a go at vision boarding this year and see what you can create in 2024! If you create a board I’d love to see it! Come share an image in the group.

Cass x

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