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Cassandra Duffill soul aligned marketing expert

Bring Your Passion Project To Life!


PASSION PROJECT is unlike anything else out there.  A ‘done with you’ style program, you’ll walk through the simple steps to make your idea a reality. In just 6 weeks you can have a new product, online course, new revenue stream or service, ready to launch – how great would that be!

This program will walk you through the exact steps I have taken to launch successful online programs.  I’ve created a multi six-figure business using these strategies. You can too.

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Reality Check


Your Passion Project has been on your "to do" list for too long


There never seems to be enough time to get it done


Truth is, you're a little unsure how to make it happen


You see others launching amazing things & wish you were too

It’s Time To


Prioritise your Passion Project & share it with the world


Work smarter, not harder, with the skills you have


Create revenue streams so you don't have to work so hard


Get the help you need to finally make it happen

Just a few years ago I was burnt out…

Seeing 30+ clients a week my business was thriving. Yet I was exhausted & had reached capacity.  How could I help more people? There had to be a better way.

Full books, no capacity for new clients, but what I noticed was many clients had the SAME problem.  So why was I seeing them one by one, sharing the same information again and again?

That’s when I decided to packaging my skills in new ways! I created programs in health & wellness, plus retail and wholesale products. I was effectively helping MORE people at the SAME time – my bank balance flourished – and I got my sanity back!

Now I have real work/life balance!

Moving away from trading time for dollars, the majority of my revenue comes from online programs, products & subscriptions.  My business continues, with or without me!

It took time to learn the steps to make this happen.  I wasted money on 1:1 coaches that didn’t deliver & spent time on courses that didn’t have the answer.  Thankfully with a business & marketing background I was able to put all the pieces together.

That is why I’ve created the Passion Project, to show you the exact steps to make your dream a reality too.  Passion Project is a group program like no other – learn the real steps you need to take to make your passion project a reality!

Welcome To

Passion Project

I created this program to show you exactly how to make your passion project a reality. It’s time to stop wasting time or money trying to find the answers!

Live group program, walking you through every step, with feedback & support at your fingertips in our private group.  Simple steps, solid strategy and support.

Launch an online program, a new physical product or an amazing new service – Passion Project can make it a reality.

You really can create something new that monetises your amazing skills, helps more people and creates a new revenue stream in your business. With Passion Project you CAN do it!

Cassandra Duffill soul aligned marketing expert


Passion Project

Let’s talk content! Every week is delivered live, with support, recordings & life time access.


Map Your Idea

Get clear on your Passion Project.  You’ll create a detailed outline for your program, product or service and be guided to plan your concept.


Nail Your Offer

No point having an amazing idea with no one to sell it to.  This week you’ll nail your client & core offer, complete with magnetic marketing message!


Sales Strategy

To make sales you need a solid sales strategy. Learn how to create simple yet impactful marketing & launch strategies.



Come to the live group Q&A session & use this week catch up, ask questions & move forward.


Tech Tools

So many of you have great ideas, but stumped by the tech! This week we’ll walk through tech tools, programs & resources. Choose the right ones for your Passion Project!


Sales Page 101

Your sales page is crucial to selling your Passion Project. Learn how to create a sales page that converts.


Lead Magnet

To have a steady stream of ideal clients you need a lead magnet that works.  Learn to create the right lead magnet for your Passion Project.


Leads On Autopilot

Sales funnels will put leads on auto-pilot. This week you will craft your sales funnel and learn how to put lead generation on auto pilot.



Over the past month we’ve covered a lot of tech and that can trip people up. This week you can catch up and get support on the Group Q&A call.


Launch Plan

Your Passion Project needs a clear launch strategy.  It’s easier than you think & this week I’ll teach you how to do it.



A solid marketing strategy and knowing the metrics for success, are the key to your Passion Project thriving and growing over time.  Learn the simple steps to marketing success.


Wrap Up

Our final session is a Wrap Up group call with me.  I’ll talk about how to move forward with your Passion Project and answer your questions so you can have a successful long term Passion Project!

 Client Outcomes

If you get the opportunity to work with Cass, you should take it! She gave me new ideas and helped me craft marketing that works.  She always focused on what was achievable for me, with family in mind.

Katie Barron

Naturopath & Educator

I needed direction and support, and Cass provided that in excess! Moving to a new location and starting with a new client base, Cass crafted strategies to gain new clients, to re-engage previous clients & retention strategies to improve our income.  Amazing! 

Rosanna Mosca

Naturopath & TFT Prac

Working with a mentor was something I always put off. I had done heaps of training courses and thought I was fine alone. But working with Cass is another level.  After our first session & implementing her strategies I had 10 new leads!  Client retention improved when I made the changes she recommended too.

Louise Ellen


Meet Cass

Business Marketing Strategist, Coach, Marketing Mentor, Naturopath, Speaker, Trainer

Cassandra Duffill is an entrepreneur who created a multi six figure natural health practice as a solo parent on a shoestring budget.  She forged online telehealth in 2014, long before it was a “thing”; she launched online programs before it was a buzz word; and created passive income streams before most people knew the term.

Preceded by a stellar career in marketing for brands including McDonald’s, Vodafone & Sony Films, Cass is a business marketing strategist in the truest sense of the word.  She has owned both online and ‘bricks & mortar’ businesses in retail, wholesale & service industries since 2006.

Not from a privileged background, Cass forged her own path with commitment, determination and a desire to succeed.

Cass believes that everyone has a unique voice and amazing gifts to share & her greatest joy is seeing clients achieve success.   She lives in Australia on the Gold Coast, but supports clients worldwide to reach their goals.

Cassandra Duffill soul aligned marketing expert


Passion Project

Join the waitlist for a special bonus when doors open,
PLUS get our super special launch price!




Passion Project will start in mid 2023 and runs for 12 weeks. There are implementation weeks with no new content, where you can catch up, attend a live Q&A call for support, and really dive into your Passion Project.

What if I can't make all the live sessions?

Attending live is a great idea if you can, as you’ll have the chance to ask questions & get help. However if you can’t make it, it’s not a problem, every session is recorded and uploaded within 48 hours to the membership platform. You have life time access so can come back to it as much as you like. There will also be a private facebook group where you can ask questions & get help.

are there refunds or can i cancel?

This course is live delivery with immediate access to the facebook group and content.  For this reason there are NO REFUNDS.  Monthly payment plans are available.

what format is the content?

Content is delivered in live trainings, 30-60 minutes once per week. You also have access to a membership platform to access recordings, PDF workbooks and other necessary resources.  The course is concise and straight to the point, I don’t waste your time on fluff. You have lifetime access once the course is paid in full.

are there recordings?

Yes, every session is recorded and uploaded to the membership portal within 48 hours.

what is the cost?

As this is the first time we’ve delivered this course in this online group format, we will have VERY SPECIAL pricing this round! Join the waitlist to be notified as soon as doors open and to receive your VIP pricing. 

what if i can't complete the course?

Passion Project is curated in such a way that it is easy to complete – simple steps, concise content and plenty of help and support.  Don’t worry if life gets in the way, you have lifetime access and can come back to the content at any time.



Passion Project

Join the waitlist for a special bonus when doors open,
PLUS get our super special launch price!