Cass Duffill Marketing & Business Growth Strategy for Heart-Centred Entrepreneurs Online

Learn how simple it is to turn your amazing one-to-one service into a group program or recurring revenue stream. You’ll help more people, make a bigger impact & earn a better income too!

You love your business and the clients you help, but you might be realising

1) You’re forever working client to client and there’s only so many hours in the day, you’ll eventually hit the glass ceiling (if you haven’t already).

2) That you say pretty similar things to clients again and again.

3) You have groups of clients who all need the same solutions.

cass duffill business strategist empowered marketing

You know there’s got to be an easier way!

You love your clients, but you don’t want to consult every single day.  Plus, you have goals and dreams and working one-to-one just won’t provide the income you long to have (and deserve!).

This business you started to have freedom, has you trapped! You’re trading time for money and you realise you’re just an employee in your own business. 

What you really want is to expand your impact beyond the confines of one-to-one.  You want your business to grow, with sustainable, reliable recurring income.

You’ve seen others teaching this one-to-many model – at huge cost and massive tech outlay. 
It just all just felt too hard…

Until now…

I’m Cass, Business Success Strategist & Marketing Mentor.

I ran a successful clinic for a nearly a decade, generating multi 6-figures every year, seeing 30+ clients a week. I know exactly how to create a profitable practice, because I did it. With full books and a busy client load, I diversified into new revenue streams. In less than 18 months these added $176k to my practice – I was working less and earning more than ever.  

Let me share how I got here…

cass duffill business strategist empowered marketing

I started my practice on the back of a divorce (that blind-sided me completely) with 2 neuro-spicy kids under 6 in tow – a clinic I ran for almost a decade.

Armed with a degree and a long career in marketing & business strategy, my practice grew quickly.

Seeing 30+ clients a week, I’d closed my books to new clients & was running a long waitlist.  Things were pumping!

That’s when I hit the skids! Burnout & a chronic health issue hit me hard! I was out of my practice for three months and completely unable to see clients. I needed revenue, and fast.

That’s when I first added programs to my clinic and they sold like hotcakes! My clients saw the benefit of the programs and got amazing results. 

I added DIY, group hybrid and premium programs to my practice.  This was the answer I had been looking for! When I was recovered I still saw clients, but only two days per week. The rest of my time was devoted to programs & the majority of my income came from recurring revenue (which I’d received whether or not I was working 1:1).

Because here’s what adding a revenue stream to your business gives you:

>> A recurring revenue stream, meaning your monthly income is more stable and easier to plan for

>> You’ll stand out as the expert in the field and build a name for yourself in the niche

>> Freedom that additional income brings and the growth of your business along with it

>> Less stress, as you have better income, that comes in every month on repeat

If you’re agreeing with these points, likely you need to create a program in your practice too!

But here’s the kicker…

You could pay big bucks to a mentor to teach you how to create a program, and still not manage to make it happen! But why?

Because some mentors teaching this haven’t actually done it (like ever..), yet they still think they can teach it. And some have only done it once or twice.  Making some money once or twice, does not mean you have successful framework that others can replicate and get results from.

Creating a successful program takes a step by step process, taught by someone who’s actually done it.

Once you’ve learned the framework you can apply it again and again, building a business that gives you more freedom and makes a bigger impact, that is ever possible 1:1.

Outstanding client results & a sustainable growing business. It’s a win-win!

Cassandra Duffill soulful marketing business strategist for healers, helpers, coaches, online entrepreneurs

In Practice to Program I teach you the simple steps to create a program and add recurring revenue to your business.
I help you to:

>> Uncover your expertise and how to package it into a program

>> Know how to attract an audience of clients who’ll love it, using impactful, organic marketing (no ads or friend-farming here!)

>> Simple systems & easy tech that you can use time and again with ease 

>> The art of authentic sales and no-brainer pricing

>> Results First Marketing that will create a buzz and captivate your audience

cass duffill business strategist empowered marketing

I’ve spent many hours in my businesses, creating programs, packages, memberships and more.  There isn’t a piece of tech I haven’t used or a framework I haven’t tried!  This program is a result of all my learnings, provided in simple steps for you to take, use, and grow the revenue in your practice.

This is a program you’ll revisit time and again for the life of your business, as you grow and add more revenue streams to your profitable practice.

Why should you learn this from me? Let me tell you why…

>> I ran a practice for a decade that generated multi-six figures every year and now I run a business that is 100% online and predominately based on recurring revenue

>> I’ve helped my clients create consistent monthly income and new revenue streams in their businesses

>> Not just a practitioner who made it good by luck, I’m degree qualified in marketing & business and had a career for huge global brands, long before I was a entrepreneur.

>> I’ve experienced creating online programs – many times over – and I know what works. I’m passing on the exact steps I used, so you can use them too.

The Scoop On Cass

Hi I’m Cass, Marketing & Business Success Strategist to practitioners, coaches, creatives & online entrepreneurs committed to creating a profitable business.

I support clients to create successful businesses, based on my Triple M Framework of Marketing, Monetisation & Mindset.  Clients working with me have 10x their monthly revenue (and more), created new revenue streams and built freedom businesses.

 I spent more than a decade in marketing in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane for some of the world’s leading brands.  After a decade in private practice & almost two decades as an entrepreneur, I’m on a mission to support other entrepreneurs to create success on their own terms too, and the freedom that brings to their lives.

Cass Duffill | Business Strategist