Set & Forget Marketing – How to take a break over Christmas

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how you can plan to take a break from your business over christmas

Set & Forget Marketing – How to take a break over Christmas

During the holiday season, it’s essential for soulful entrepreneurs to take a well-deserved break to recharge and spend time with loved ones. You’ve spent the rest of 2023 supporting all your clients, now it’s time for you to refresh.  However, balancing self-care with maintaining your purpose-driven business can be challenging. This is where “Set and Forget Holiday Marketing” strategies step in, enabling you to step back while keeping your online presence active and engaged.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss effective steps to implement a set and forget marketing campaign so that you can enjoy your Christmas break without worrying about your business falling behind.

Step 1: Automate Your Emails & Campaigns

Customize your automated email campaigns to reflect the holiday spirit. During the break your audience will be more likely to open something “festive” related, than something about your business, offers or products.  Create a of pre-scheduled emails including:

  • Your regular newsletters containing self-care tips, ideas for the holidays, healthy Christmas recipes or anything else your clients will find valuable and useful
  • Consider an email automation for the new year offering your services, a special, a package or program, that will kick start their health and wellness journey in 2024
  • Why not think about how you can add value to your existing clients over this period. Can you send them a series of emails with useful tips and content? Would the love a recipe book, a meal plan for a healthy Christmas table, or tips for improving sleep over the busy period?

Schedule these emails in advance using your email marketing platform. If you’re using a free one that doesn’t allow for advanced scheduling, I highly recommend investing in one that does. A new platform on my radar that is proving great for my clients is, with very comprehensive free plans and a full service option for only $27/mth.

Having your email scheduled in advance will do three things – it will foster continued connection with your audience during the holidays; maintains consistency in your communication; AND gives you a much needed break!

Step 2: Schedule Your Socials For The Holidays

Staying active on social media during the holidays is crucial to maintaining brand visibility and engagement. It is true that your clients aren’t likely to buy during this phase, but staying visible is important. Plus, if you take a break, the algorithm won’t be kind when you come back. So prepare and schedule your content in advance with a festive twist:

  • Share holiday quotes and imagery on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest
  • Post uplifting stories or self-care tips on Facebook
  • Share personal growth or meditation videos on YouTube
  • Record and schedule your Podcast episodes with content around new year and new focus

Use scheduling tools like Buffer or Later to automate your social media presence during your break. Remember to let your audience know you’re taking a break, but you can occasionally check in on your channels to engage with comments if you’d like.

Step 3: How Can You Add Value For Clients While You’re Taking A Break?

My clients LOVED my annual holiday content. Every year I’d create and schedule some content to give them added value and keep my business top of mind. I used blog post series, automated email series, and even sent out a ‘Merry Christmas” video by email on Christmas Day. My clients always raved about this bonus content and how much they loved it!

Think about how you might be able to do this. Could you create a holiday-themed content series in the form of blog posts, videos, or podcasts that cater to your audience’s interests during this period? Could you provide meditations or visualisations for the holidays or resolutions for a purposeful new year. Plan and promote this content in advance to ensure consistent engagement with your clients throughout the Christmas break.

Step 4: Tell Clients You’re Taking a Break

For soulful entrepreneurs, transparency is important. Notify your clients about your Christmas break and potential limited availability during this period through a dedicated email campaign, website announcement, or social media post. This ensures that they understand and respect your need for self-care during the holiday season.  The great thing about this is that these reminders can instigate a last minute rush on consultations and product sales, that will be a welcome bonus over your closure. 

Remember to share this information multiple times and different ways, to ensure as many clients as possible are aware.

Step 5: Reflect on 2023 & Plan for 2024

As creative entrepreneurs I know it won’t be long before your brain kicks in and starts thinking about all the goodness you’ll bring to life in your business in 2024!  Before you do, think first on the year that was, take some time to reflect on your business’s growth and progress. Then set meaningful goals for the upcoming year that align with both your personal values and your business aspirations. By doing so, you’ll feel more in control and excited to rejoin your business after the break. 

Why not join me in January to create a Soulful Success Strategy for 2024, at Passion & Plans? 

So friends, in wrapping up this impactful tips, remember that Implementing set and forget holiday marketing strategies allows you to enjoy your Christmas break without sacrificing your business’s online presence and client engagement. You’ll maintain a balance between self-care and business productivity by planning and automating your marketing efforts this holiday season.

Enjoy your well-deserved Christmas break, and your business will be ready to flourish in the new year!

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