Social Media Free Marketing – Is it possible?

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social media free marketing - is it possible? CD strategy & business success mentoring

Social Media Free Marketing – Is it possible?

Are you scratching your head and wondering why, you’re working so hard, posting content and engaging on social media, for very little result. Your well thought out posts aren’t getting any engagement; you even offered a freebie and had very few takers – yet a picture of your pet or the latest book you’re reading get’s a plethora of comments?! Yep, that’s pretty common right now.

In an era where social media platforms are saturated with content creators and businesses, standing out amidst the noise has become increasingly challenging. Despite the grand promises of social media reach, the reality for many is a struggle with declining engagement rates and the whims of ever-changing algorithms. According to a study by Rival IQ, the average engagement rate across all sectors on Instagram plummeted to just 0.9% in 2023, and statistics from 2024 are more in the realm of 0.2-0.5%. This only highlights the uphill battle businesses face in capturing their audience’s attention.

But what if I told you there’s a world beyond the realm of likes, shares, and retweets? A place where your marketing efforts are not at the mercy of an algorithm but in your complete control? Yes, there is a such a place – a shiny space where your efforts ACTUALLY reap rewards!

But Cass, where is this mystical place? Let me tell you….

Today we are exploring marketing strategies that not only bypass the unpredictability of social media but also drive traffic, new clients and meaningful engagement!

The land of social-media free marketing! Let’s dive into it…

1. Leveraging SEO for Your Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) remains the most powerful tool for driving organic traffic to your website, without the need for social media. With social media you’re just ‘hoping’ that someone likes your content enough….. to jump to your bio… to scroll to the top… to hit your link… and get onto your site. How likely do you REALLY think that is? No wonder less than 1% of followers ever see your site!

But, by optimizing your site’s content for search engines, you’re more likely to appear in top search results, attracting prospective customers actively seeking your services or products. In 2024, focusing on creating high-quality, valuable content that addresses users’ search intent can significantly boost your visibility online.

A few top tips here – have a service page for every service, offer or product you have with the right 3 to 5 keywords, have a stellar hero statement on your homepage; and update your site weekly.

2. Master the Art of Blogging

Blogging is far from outdated; and in 2024 it’s an essential facet of digital marketing that establishes your brand as an authority in your field, improves your website’s SEO, and drives traffic to your business. By offering insightful, well-researched content that solves your audience’s problems, you create a trusted resource that people return to, fostering a loyal community around your brand. Collaborating with guest bloggers can also expand your reach, introducing your business to new audiences.

Blogging is often ignored by entrepreneurs as they feel it’s a lot of work. Truth is, a marketing approach that is blog first will actually save you time, as all your other content can fall out of your blog.

3. Harness the Power of Email Marketing

Email marketing offers a direct line to your audience, unaffected by algorithms. It’s personal, customizable, and incredibly cost-effective, boasting an ROI of $42 for every $1 spent, according to a 2023 report by Litmus. Building a robust email list and delivering value through newsletters, exclusive offers, and valuable content can create enduring relationships with your audience, driving sales and engagement without social media. So people, it’s time to stop ghosting your list! A weekly email is best practice, but fortnightly is ok too if weekly isn’t achievable for you. However if you’re emailing once a month or less, you won’t be getting any traction and it’s not worth doing.

4. Explore the search engine platforms of YouTube and Pinterest

While technically part of the social media spectrum, YouTube and Pinterest operate quite differently, focusing more on evergreen content that can drive traffic to your website over time. These are both search engines in their own right, and love nothing more than to send visitors to your site and content!

  • YouTube, the second largest search engine after Google, is perfect for long-form content that educates, entertains, and engages. A tutorial, review, or behind-the-scenes video about your product or service can attract viewers years after publication, leading them directly to your website. A great way to build an audience of loyal followers.
  • Pinterest isn’t just for recipes and book-week costumes (although for a long time that’s all I used it for too). It is a search engine for visual content that can significantly increase traffic to your site. By creating pin-worthy content that links back to your compelling product pages or blog articles, you can harness Pinterest’s power to reach people actively searching for inspirations and solutions.

5. Network and Collaborate

Building relationships with other businesses and influencers in your niche can open up opportunities for collaborations that reach beyond social media. Think webinars, podcasts, or co-authored blog posts that provide valuable information to both parties’ audiences. These collaborations can boost your credibility, expand your reach, and drive traffic to your website or blog.

6. Online Communities and Forums

Engage with your target audience through niche-specific online communities and forums, or start your own. Facebook groups don’t get the traction or engagement they used to, but having a community on another platform can provide a lot of benefit to your audience and increase your sales and conversion rates. Consider Mighty Networks, Circle, Funnel Sketchers or more… there are plenty of options out there. By answering questions, offering advice, and sharing insights, you can establish yourself as a trusted authority in your field.


While social media remains a powerful tool, its unpredictability and saturated nature make it clear that diversifying your marketing strategy is more crucial than ever. In the current market I think social media is best seen as a brand awareness activity, and given a limited amount of your focus or priority.

By focusing on alternatives like SEO, blogging, email marketing, and platforms like YouTube and Pinterest, businesses can build a robust online presence that transcends social media’s limitations, fostering sustainable growth and deeper connections with their audience.

I hope you’ve got some great takeaways from this weeks blog, and thanks for reading!


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