Soulful Entrepreneurs Unleashed

Being a healer or helper doesn’t mean you have to make a pitiful income, struggle with marketing or never reach success! Join me for a journey packed full of impactful marketing, savvy soulful strategy, abundant revenue ideas, and expert interviews.

Let’s Unleash the Soulful Entrepreneur within and grow your heart-centred business, without selling your soul in the process!

Soulful entrepreneurs unleashed podcast with Cass Duffill

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The podcast for soulful entrepreneurs ready to create their wildly abundant life, without selling their soul.

From crafting content that actually connects with your ideal clients, to using your skills to create new revenue streams, or bursting visibility with impactful strategies, we will cover it all!

Every episode contains tactics you and implement right now, to create the successful business you deserve! Learn from the experts with interviews and behind the scenes content, to uplevel your online marketing fast.

100% fluff-free, just impactful soulful strategy, delivered in easy to implement steps.

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Soulful entrepreneurs unleashed podcast with Cass Duffill

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Cassandra Duffill marketing mentor and business coach for health prac and entrepreneurs


Hi, I’m Cass!

I’m an ex-corporate marketing strategist, who created a thriving natural health practice, then turned her talents to supporting other soulful entrepreneurs to do the same! My goal is to help you create an abundant business without being a slave to your clients (or your socials!).

Through my signature framework I help soulful entrepreneurs craft impactful marketing, create online revenue streams, and grow sustainable businesses.


Content That Connects – Free Workbook

Getting your core marketing message right is the key to connecting with your ideal clients – and it’s not as hard as you might think! Make it easy with my step by step message creator workbook.