Start Planning Your Way To Profit

Cass Duffill: Business Success Strategist & Marketing Expert

Start planning your way to profit

Start Planning Your Way To Profit

In the ever-changing world of business, one constant remains – the need for effective strategy planning.  If you aren’t reaching your goals or making the income you want to make, I know one thing to be true – you haven’t planned for it.  

A plan or strategy is your roadmap from where you are now, to where you want to be. Without one, you are literally just hoping and wishing for success, never sure if it will actually come.  

Speaking to so many entrepreneurs over the years, I’ve realised there are a few myths floating around, that are holding you back from putting a plan into place. 

So today I’m going to debunk these myths, and give you a free way to work with me to start setting goals and get inspired about 2024!

Myth #1 – Strategies are only for big businesses or corporates

The biggest misconception people have about strategy planning is that it’s only for large businesses.  As someone who’s come from managing marketing for some of the biggest brands in the world and creating their strategy plans, I can tell you the one thing corporate has RIGHT, is how to plan.  We can take a learning here and incorporate it in our smaller businesses, because the truth is clear and poignant, strategic planning is beneficial for businesses of all sizes.

Event better, because you are a big business, there are only certain elements of a strategy plan that you need, and some you can not bother with. Which is a great time saving to you!  Key take away here is that a detailed plan can help map out your growth path and make the journey smoother and simpler, without the hoping and praying.

 Myth #2 – It’s two earlier to plan strategically

Really? So if it’s too soon now, when is the right time?

Let’s be honest here, this is a great excuse, that makes you feel better about a lack of planning. But its far from the truth.  The best time to plan strategically is BEFORE YOU EVEN START.  If you didn’t do that, the best time to start strategy planning is RIGHT NOW.

Defining your goals and crafting your strategies will allow you to detail the actions needed to achieve them.  How many more years will you tread water in your business, before you make a plan and actually start hitting those revenue targets?

Myth #3 – I don’t need a plan, I’m [spiritual / in flow / insert whatever other term you like] and the right actions will just come to me.

I don’t doubt you are spiritual, follow your intuition and have an amazing group of guides around you for the journey. That doesn’t give you a free pass from running your business like a real business owner.  Let me ask you this, so far you haven’t hit your goals, you’d like more clients and to make more revenue – so how is the ‘being in flow / waiting for my guides’ approach working out for you?

Believe me, when you put a plan in place and detail your goals and targets, the universe, your guides and whoever else you rely on, will rise up to meet you!

Myth #4 – It’s time consuming, I can’t find time to do it

I get it, we’re all super busy, it can feel difficult to make the time to do your planning.  But this comes from the theory that it’s a long, drawn out and boring process! Let me prove you wrong! At my upcoming strategy planning event, Passion & Plans 2024, I’ll show you how easy it can be to set a plan in complete alignment with you – and how amazing and inspiring it is to have a clarity to move forward towards you dreams and goals!

Honestly, if you set aside a few hours once a year, your strategy plan would be done.  Can you seriously not spare 2 to 3 hours to set a course that will make your dreams a reality?

 Myth #5 – A strategy plan is too restrictive, I need to be in flow

Ok my lovely entrepreneur friend, let’s call this one out for what it really is – another excuse.  

Flexibility is key in business. Just because you’ve crafted a strategy doesn’t mean it’s set in stone. Your business strategy should be a dynamic, evolving, living document that will change and grow with your business. You can change it, modify it, grow and reassess it as often as you like.

Do you see now why you need a plan, and why these myths shouldn’t stop you?

Now I’ve opened your eyes to not only how important having a strategy plan for your business is, but how it really can be so much easier than you thought to create one, I want to offer you a little help.

My annual FREE planning challenge Panic to Planned 2024 is happening later this month, and I’d love for you to be there!  We start Monday 20th November, I don’t want you to miss out!

Scroll to the bottom to check it out and register now!

Thanks for reading

Cass x

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