Step by Step Guide to Creating Profitable Packages

Cass Duffill: Business Success Strategist & Marketing Expert

Power of packages - elevate your income by converting your consults into package. Step by step guide to package creation

Step by Step Guide to Creating Profitable Packages

Are you ready for a game-changing strategy to transform your one-to-one services into a lucrative and impactful new revenue stream?

If your answer is an enthusiastic “Yes”, you’re in the perfect place.

Today, I share the secrets of the “Power of Packages” – the key to unlocking reliable income while maximizing the transformation you offer.  Plus you get my simple “step by step” framework so you can introduce this lucrative revenue stream into your business fast!

Why Packages?
Traditional one-to-one services hold amazing value for your clients. They’re personal, focused, tailored and provide room for meaningful healing relationships. However, shifting your service into a logically structured package has unmatched advantages. 

Here’s just a few reasons why packages are a great idea for every service-based business:

– Packages offer a longer-term commitment, providing clients an optimal timeframe for transformation.  It ensures your clients stay the course long enough, to get the outcomes they want.

– Packages provide recurring income for your business, easing cash flow uncertainties and giving you more room to focus on your actual service instead of worrying about where the next client is coming from. 

– Plus, a well-designed package, inclusive of valuable add-ons, creates a win-win for you and your clients.

Designing Your Package
When constructing your package, consider the appointments or sessions, inclusions, and follow-up support that would provide the transformation journey of your client. Perhaps this means including additional sessions, some ad-hoc ‘on demand’ mini sessions, access to digital resources, a private chat function, or weekly follow-up emails.  Think about what your ideal client really needs, and what would help them create the outcomes they want – then include those things in your package.

A well-rounded package isn’t just more attractive — it’s more helpful, too. These additions bolster the service, providing extra value, which keeps clients motivated, engaged, and more likely to stay the course for the full package duration.

A Success Story: Transitioning to Packages
Before I welcomed programs into my clinic, I started with packages, specifically targeted three-month and six-month options. These were only offered after an initial consultation once the health needs of the client were clear.  Many of my clients continued on packages two, even three times. The average lifetime of a client in my clinic on this structure was 9-12 months. So successful was this strategy, that the last two years in clinic my books were closed to new clients, only having room to see existing clients and some referrals.

The beauty of this approach is that it’s not a one-size-fits-all philosophy. Every client is still getting the unique support they need, but in a structure gives your business reliable recurring revenue. Many of my existing clients welcomed the package approach, finding it a valuable asset to keeping them on track.

Your Action Step: Build Your Power-Packed Package
Now that you understand the power of packages, it’s time for a little brainstorming.  Let me tell you exactly how to do it.

Step #1 – Vision & Reflection

The start of this process is reviewing your existing one-to-one service, what you do and how it helps your client.  Consider how much time does a client typically need to undergo the transformation you provide? Is there anything you’d like to add or provide, that you don’t now?  This is the first step of transforming your one-to-one into a package.

Step #2 – Duration

Set the duration of your package to be the average length of time it takes for your clients to get results. For example in my clinic, I knew it took about 3 months for gut health clients, and 6 months for complex chronic conditions, and I created packages accordingly.

Step #3 – Inclusions

Consider the duration of the package you want to offer, for example 3 months. How many consultations or appointments will the client need? What support will they get inbetween? Remember to account for time spent answering questions, responding to emails, or phone calls.  Clients on a package do expect a higher level of support, so factor that in.

Next think about how you can add value, as your clients will expect a value packed offer because they’re signing up to a package.  You know I don’t like discounting, so think about what you can add to make this package more amazing – can you provide a recipe book, meal plans, meditation videos, online yoga, daily journal prompts… anything really can be added to make your package more enticing!  The one discount I did offer, that my clients loved, was 5% off all herbs and supplements when they were on a package, and many joined a package for this benefit (but I’m not an advocate of discounting your consults, that is discounting YOUR value).

Step #4 – Pricing

Now this is the step that strikes fear into people, but pricing isn’t really that hard.  You’ve already worked out the number of sessions to include and the extra time for other communications.  Total that and multiply it by your usual hour rate, then add a little bit more (as you’ll provide more exceptional support to your package clients).  Now consider any value adds or inclusions and what they are worth – the idea here is to have a very juicy package that is worth more than they’re paying for it, by including value that doesn’t take your time (like pdfs, online content, digital downloads etc).

Once you’ve worked this out total the price and sit with it, feel into it. How does it feel to you? Does the price feel high or low?  Do you feel a bit icky looking at it, or does it feel good? Use your gut as a gauge to get the price right. Remember you can change and increase the price over time too.  When it comes to charging, I recommend offering both “pay in full” and a “payment plan” options, and I personally preferred payment plans, for the recurring revenue it brought in and it was better for cash flow too.

Step #5 – Share Your Package!

The best time to offer a package to a client is at the end of, or after, their initial consultation. This way means that the package is more affordable (as the expense initial has already happened).  Great idea to have flyers to easily show your client the options or inclusions.  Some will agree to a package straight away, especially when you tell them it gives them 5% off their supplements today!  

Remember to share your new package on a service page on your website, across your social platforms, in your blog – everywhere you market, you can mention your package.  Add it to your marketing calendar and share it once every month.

PS – you can also have a new client package that includes the initial but I found these didn’t sell as well in my clinic. The above is exactly what I did, that worked well for me.  You can try whichever option suits you best.

The power of packages is truly transformational not just to your income but also to the reach and depth of your service. As amazing service based entrepreneurs, let’s support our clients more effectively, and see our businesses flourish in more ways.

Investing in yourself, in advanced strategies like these, will not only skyrocket your professional journey but also enable you to touch more lives with your healing gifts.

Thanks for reading

Cass x

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