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The mastermind for soulful entrepreneurs committed to reaching their goals, hitting six figures and beyond, and creating a thriving business based on integrity and authenticity, that doesn’t burn you out.

An all-new mastermind, be the first to come into The Elevation Code and benefit from added bonuses and a price that won’t be repeated!

Limited places available.  We start in March 2024. For entrepreneurs with existing businesses looking to grow.


Cassandra Duffill soulful marketing strategist mentor to health wellness naturopath entrepreneur
Cassandra Duffill soulful marketing business strategist for healers, helpers, coaches, online entrepreneurs

I’m Cass Duffill, I’m a marketing & business strategist, who specialises in growing health & healing businesses. 

After being disappointed by a number of mentors offering masterminds that didn’t deliver, I avoided running one myself.  Yes, it was great to have a network of peers to chat business with, but apart from that, I never really got a lot out of it (actually, I wished I could’ve asked for my money back!).

What was missing in the entrepreneur landscape was a quality mastermind, one that has the right focus and direction, as well as the community qualities. Then I realised, not only do I know exactly what a mastermind needs (after my disastrous experiences) but I have the qualifications and skills to deliver one! I realised that a well structured mastermind could revolutionise your business.  I never found one that delivered, so I created it.

Welcome to The Elevation Code, the mastermind for wellness entrepreneurs, practitioners, healers & helpers, ready to create their dream business – on their own terms!


Not everyone has the courage to do what you’ve done, start a business and build a legacy. 
It takes guts, and I know you have what it takes, because you’re here.

Problem is, before too long you hit a plateau or consistent client flow and revenue becomes a struggle. It can be confusing to work out the next steps, and hard to develop the right strategy to build your business long term.

It’s time for consistent revenue months 
and to jump off the feast & famine round about for good.

Problem is, you’ve done all you can to get this far.  How do you move the needle further? We all have different versions of success.  It’s about designing the life you want to have and crafting the strategy to achieve it. 

Your business can either smash targets, or stagnate. The choice my friend, is yours.


You need specific skills, learning & support to reach your goals. Which you get for a massive 6 months in my mastermind!

Cass Duffill marketing & business strategist for Passion led entrepreneurs, healers, helpers, therapists, naturopaths and coaches, practitioners & wellness entrepreneurs

The Elevation Code

the Elevation Code Mastermind for healers, helpers, practitioners and coaches

Introducing The Elevation Code, a unique mastermind with the roadmap you need, to step you through the simple steps to reach success. 
You’ll create a totally personalised pathway to:

Consistent REVENUE


Consistent MARKETING


What is included?

The Elevation Code Mastermind is an incredible opportunity to skyrocket your business, create a business model that grows long term, and develop the right marketing to back it up. Masterminds full of case studies, swipe files, templates and ‘done for you prompts’ might sound good, but they are too vanilla and just won’t get you real results!  

This is why The Elevation Code is different,
because I’m delivering exactly what you need to succeed.

The Elevation Code Roadmap

A pathway to follow to create the business you long to have. Marketing, monetisation and mindset, with additional learning in launching, email marketing, lead generation and sales.

Growth Sessions

Live sessions with Q&A on marketing, mindset, business strategy, sales and offer creation. Plus monthly Hot Seats. All recorded with replays.

On Demand Marketing Programs

You receive FREE access Marketing Mastery DIY, plus Brand Clarity Bootcamp and the 2024 Marketing Template Bundle as added bonuses!

Unlock the Elevation Code for your business and finally propel your business to the next level!

Cassandra Duffill soulful marketing strategist mentor to health wellness naturopath entrepreneur

Hi, I’m Cass Duffill


I support heart-led wellness entrepreneurs, just like you, to create a successful business. You can create an income and make an impact, and my proven methods will show you how.

Ex-corporate marketing & business strategist, turned qualified naturopath, I started a practice as a solo parent with $12 to my name, and generated multi six figures in the first year… and every year after that.

Booked out with 1:1 clients and quickly burning out, I added programs, packages and DIY revenue streams. These added another six figures to my revenue in just the first 18 months.  I believe anyone can create success and I’m going to show you exactly how I did it, using my impactful, zero fluff, straight forward approach.

You started your business to help people, you never thought about growing or scaling it. Let me show you the simple steps to make your dreams a reality!


Working with Cass the last two years I’ve added recurring revenue streams to my business and I launched a new subscription box.  I’ve signed up to work with Cass again for 2024 and am excited about what’s in store!

Rebecca Lang, Bargara Beach Holistic Health & Of The Earth Juice Bar

the Elevation Code Mastermind for healers, helpers, practitioners and coaches

How is it delivered?

The Elevation Code Mastermind is an incredible opportunity to propel your business forward. It’s been specifically curated to have everything you need to hit your goals faster than ever before.  I am there with you 100% of the way.  The Elevation Code Mastermind is delivered via:

Kick Off Group Strategy Session

Start your mastermind with a 60min strategy session with me and your other mentees, to discuss your business foundations & get you on the right track.

Growth Sessions

You receive group sessions on marketing, strategy, lead generation, sales and mindset, to keep you moving forward and focused. These happen at least twice every month.

Monthly Hot Seats

A monthly hot seat calls where you can get help with anything that is troubling you in your business.  This is where the hive mind of a mastermind really shines through!

Quarterly Visibility Marketing Sessions

Every quarter you’ll come to a group Visibility Marketing Planning session, where you’ll content plan for an entire quarter in one easy sitting.

Roadmap, Resources & Online Portal

A clear roadmap full of resources, trainings and information you’ll have access too. Our private online portal houses all replays and content, and we have a private Facebook group just for Mastermind Members.

VIP Upgrade Option

Add to your Mastermind experience 1:1 sessions with me, to discuss your business specifically.
(When I have availability this option will be available during checkout).

Hear From Previous Mentees

case study, client who got results with Create & Elevate with Cassandra Duffill

“I went from $700 months to
consistent $5k months”

“I joined a six month mentoring program with Cass  because I knew I needed support and direction to grow my business.  Cass helped me grow my clinic and 1:1 clients, while at the same time teaching me how to add revenue streams to build my business faster. I created, launched and delivered my first online program and I crafted my brand new membership.  My clinic revenue increased over 600 percent, from under $700/month to consistent $5k months”.


Case study Cass Duffill naturopath mentoring success Rebecca Lang

“I feel truly supported and am growing my revenue beyond 1:1 consults”

“I’ve wasted so much money over the years with mentors & coaches that didn’t deliver what they promised. Cass is the only one who really supported my business.  My 1:1 books are full, so she showed me how to add new revenue streams.  We created & launched a program, she even walked me through the tech!  We also launched my subscription box and affiliate program.  I’ve worked with Cass for the last two years (and continue to work with her now) and I highly recommend it!”.


Jayne Sharpham, naturopath Cass success story mentoring natural health

“I put new revenue streams in place”

“My clinic was fully booked and I had no capacity for new clients, which meant my income was also capped.  I came to work with Cass for six months in 1:1 mentoring, to create an online program as a new revenue stream.  Cass made the process so easy, stepping me through every element.  I created, launched and delivered my first ever group online program! I’m returning to work with Cass in 2024 to create a new passive income stream and learn how to effectively market it”.


Cath Minter naturopath Cass success story mentoring natural health

“I was ready to create my legacy”

“After over 20 years as a practitioner working 1:1, I was passionate about creating a signature program supporting oncology patients. Working with Cass I crafted two versions of my program, and plans for additional DIY passive income streams.  Cass really knows her stuff, she’s a world-class mentor”.


louise ellen nutrition client mentee cass duffill strategy success story naturopath

“I made my nutrition practice my full time business”

“I came to Cass with the goal of leaving my full time job and making my nutrition business my full time role.  10 clients per week was my goal, which would allow me to leave my full time job – I achieved this in just six weeks with Cass’s support. I love being able to work full time in my own business”.


Your practice & business success in a group of amazing entrepreneurs awaits! 

This my friend, is a mastermind like no other!

It’s a journey based on my years of corporate experience, blended with my private practice success.  Everything you need to know to build a successful business is in this mastermind.  It’s a place where collaboration abounds, the connections you make will propel you forward and you’ll be inspired by their learnings & journey, as much as your own.

Marketing, monetisation, mindset & simple strategy are the pillars, and the results will come from your efforts & your growth.

The Elevation Code Mastermind is about setting you up with the skills for success, supporting you through every step, and having a cheer squad to back you up.  You’ll set up the right marketing ecosystem, nail your messaging, create a “set to scale” business model, and back it all with a CEO mindset. Intentional action backed with soulful strategy, every step of the way.

I am there with you 100%

The Elevation Code is my baby and I’m in there with you 100%, so you can have your questions answered along the way.  You’ll access my feedback, advice, direction and support though the entire mastermind and I’ll be with you every step of your transformational journey via our calls and private Facebook group.

More than money, you’re a passionate entrepreneur fulfilling your soul’s purpose.

Yes, you have financial goals to achieve, but I know you’re also on a mission to make a real difference. We blend your passion & purpose into everything you do, so you build a thriving business that provides the life you long to live… and makes a meaningful difference in your client’s lives.

In trying economic times you need guidance & real strategy from someone who’s been there.

I marketed big business through the GFC, an airport through the fall of the Twin Towers and the loss of Ansett, and a cinema company through the fall of video & take-over of DVD. I know how to market and grow through the best (and worst) economic times. There is no one better to have by your side right now!

Best of all, you won’t be doing everything alone anymore.

Together we’ll grow the business you long to have, not the one that feels like a drain right now.  Come into The Elevation Code Mastermind, I know you’ll find the place you’ll feel like you belong!

Become a Mastermind Member

There is no other mastermind or training available that offers the depth of learning, with the 1:1 support, at this price!

In The Elevation Code you’ll have the opportunity to plan, activate, scale and kick goals you never thought possible.

Get in on the ground-floor of this brand new, elite mastermind and develop your skills and grow you business, so your success happens faster.  As a founding member you’ll enjoy a “never to be repeated” founders price too!


Cassandra Duffill soulful marketing business strategist for healers, helpers, coaches, online entrepreneurs

Who Is The Elevation Code Mastermind For?

This is exactly where you need to be if:

You have an existing business and need clarity, direction and next steps

You’re ready for consistent revenue of $10k+ per month

You need to make clear, desirable offers clients will want to buy

Consistent leads and income are what you need

You want solid strategy and consistent action 

It’s time to be consistent with your marketing

 You want real-time feedback from a qualified professional

Accountability and support will help you move forward


the Elevation Code Mastermind for healers, helpers, practitioners and coaches

What You Get

A Comprehensive 6 Month Mastermind Package including:

The Elevation Code Roadmap in the online portal with videos, trainings & resources

Monthly Hotseats

Group Calls (min 2 every month) on Marketing, Sales & Lead Gen & Offer Mapping & more

Quarterly Visibility Marketing Workshops

Bonus On Demand Marketing Programs

VIP Upgrade – add 2 x 1:1 strategy sessions with me!

Your Investment

The Mastermind is only $4900 ex gst or $800/mth ex gst for 6 months.
(note, this is NOT the founding members price! Founding members price will be announced soon…)

This is an evergreen mastermind offered on a rolling basis.
After your 6 months is finished you can choose to continue for another 6 months, or leave.
BONUS – Foundation members keep their foundation price for the life of their mastermind experience.

GUARANTEE – I believe you will be able to grow your business in this mastermind but if you don’t make your investment back in 6 months after following all of the prescribed steps, I will allow you to continue in the mastermind for another 6 months free of charge *terms apply, you must show you’ve activated the steps as detailed.

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Working with Cass is invaluable! I’ve worked with her many times now in 1:1 premium mentoring and programs, and every time I learn new things and grow my practice. Her knowledge is amazing and she shares it generously! I look forward to working with her again.

Rosanna Mosca, Feeling Healthy Clinic


If you get the opportunity to work with Cass, you should take it! She gave me new ideas, helped me craft marketing strategy that works. She could see why my sales weren’t converting and how to improve my revenue streams. There’s no one else I’d go to for strategy in our industry.

Katie Barron, Naturopath & Educator