The Elevation Code Mastermind for practitioners & entrepreneurs online
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Build a business you love that also makes an impact

Take the right actions to grow your business & attract clients you love to help

Get your message right & market with authenticity

Create amazing offers that help your clients and builds a profitable business

It’s time for you to Elevate!

There’s a lot of pieces to run an online business

You got into your business to help people, now you need to know marketing, messaging, niches, offers, content, social media, pricing, funnels, launching… you’re confused just thinking about it!

Plus everyone online is telling you different ways to go about it, claiming their way is the best way.

Right now I bet you feel like…

You have a never-ending to-do list that’s just getting bigger…

You’re wasting time on marketing and not seeing results…

Confused about what offers to have and what to charge…

It’s so hard to put it all together and make it work…

Unsure which ideas to run with, you have so many…

The courses & programs out there just aren’t telling you want you need to know…

You want someone to look at your business with you and just give clear direction & action steps…

You don’t need another course or training, you need eyes on your business. You need someone in your corner, giving direction for your business.
You need a mentor.

the Elevation Code Mastermind for healers, helpers, practitioners and coaches

It’s time for results = the right message, easy marketing that works, the right offers & to build a profitable business.

You’ve been trying everything but it’s just not working. You’re overwhelmed and confused, but ready to start seeing results!

What I want you to realise is that it doesn’t matter how amazing you are, if you don’t learn how to market and sell your services, no one will ever be able to work with you.

The best strategy is one that is uniquely created for your business. There is no “best way” or “right way”; it’s a blend of what’s right for you and what gets results.  Believe me, you don’t need fancy tech or a marketing budget, you can grow your business, attract clients and make sales organically.

But the truth is, you can only get so far piecing it together on your own, learning from free resources or courses not focused on your business.

The time you’re taking trying to go it alone, is actually pushing your goals further away and making it harder than it has to be!

Cass Duffill | Business Strategist

You can keep going it alone hoping to make it work, or you can learn the exact steps. The choice my friend, is yours.

Let me help you. I’m Cass Duffill, and this is The Elevation Code

This is a group mentoring mastermind, unlike anything you’ve seen before!

A Real-Life Mentor – my eyes on your business and plenty of access to me in calls, growth sessions & a private group

Learning Pathway – foundations of success in short modules with resources, all curated to to be easy & impactful.

Authentic Marketing – get results with real marketing that works, no friend-farming or manipulative tactics here!

Build Your Profitable Business – with the right clients, aligned offers & magnetic messaging

In The Elevation Code

You will feel supported

You will learn the right steps

You will get results

Hear From Previous Mentees

case study, client who got results with Create & Elevate with Cassandra Duffill

“I went from $700 months to $5k+ consistent months”

“I joined a six month mentoring program with Cass  because I knew I needed support and direction to grow my business.  Cass helped me grow my clinic and 1:1 clients, while at the same time teaching me how to add revenue streams to build my business faster. I created, launched and delivered my first online program and I crafted my brand new membership.  My clinic revenue increased over 600 percent, from under $700/month to consistent $5k months”.


Jayne Sharpham, naturopath Cass success story mentoring natural health

“I created new revenue streams”

“My clinic was fully booked and I had no capacity for new clients, which meant my income was also capped.  I came to work with Cass for six months in 1:1 mentoring, to create an online program as a new revenue stream.  Cass made the process so easy, stepping me through every element.  I created, launched and delivered my first ever group online program! I’m returning to work with Cass in 2024 to create a new passive income stream and learn how to effectively market it”.


Case study Cass Duffill naturopath mentoring success Rebecca Lang

“I feel truly supported and am growing my revenue beyond 1:1 consults”

“I’ve wasted so much money over the years with mentors & coaches that didn’t deliver what they promised. Cass is the only one who really supported my business.  My 1:1 books are full, so she showed me how to add new revenue streams.  We created & launched a program, she even walked me through the tech!  We also launched my subscription box and affiliate program.  I’ve worked with Cass for the last two years (and continue to work with her now) and I highly recommend it!”.


The Elevation Code is for you if:

You want to build or grow your service business online

You’re ready for consistent revenue every month

You want a business that fulfils your purpose, helps people and makes a profit

You want marketing that is easy and works, so you’re not a slave to social media

You’re ready for the fast track and you’re over going it alone

You’ll get all this, and more, in The Elevation Code!

Cassandra Duffill soulful marketing business strategist for healers, helpers, coaches, online entrepreneurs

Why The Elevation Code?

– You get my eyes on your business with mentoring, without the premium price tag

– A huge 6 months in the mastermind and access to all content & resources, plus me in your pocket for the whole time

– Easy, effective strategies that don’t require guilt-tripping or scamming people into working with you (zero friend farming!)

– You get to create success on your own terms, I won’t tell you that you need to hit six figures or fill your books, we create what YOU want

– It’s quick, actionable and fast so you don’t have to allocate buckets of time to making it happen

We build on my Pillars of Success

Marketing & Audience

The right niche, messages & channels

Monetisation, Offers & Profit

The right offers, pricing & journey

Goals, Strategy & Mindset

Be the CEO & plan for long-term success

The Elevation Code will take you to your next level – more clients, more income and a bigger impact. Clear strategy, simple steps & my support 100%.

Cass Duffill Heart of Business strategist marketing mentor to health wellness naturopath entrepreneur

And I’m with you every step!

The Elevation Code includes plenty of access to me, through a variety of calls, sessions, hotseats and our private group. You’re not buying another program you’ll have to work out on your own, you are accessing a proven framework with my expert guidance and mentoring tailored for your own business.

I’m not just an entrepreneur who stumbled upon success! I’m a degree qualified marketing & business strategist with a career in global brands, a naturopath who built a thriving practice, plus I’ve built multiple online businesses.  I know what to do and will help you through every step.

This is not a program, it’s tailored mentoring to help you reach your next level, without the premium price tag!

It’s time to stop trying to piece it together on your own, and learn the right strategies to grow your business.

More Happy Mentees

Cath Minter naturopath Cass success story mentoring natural health

“I was ready to create my legacy”

After over 20 years as a practitioner working 1:1, I was passionate about creating a signature program supporting oncology patients. Working with Cass I am crafting two versions of my program, and plan to create additional DIY passive income streams.  Cass really knows her stuff, she’s a world-class mentor”.


louise ellen nutrition client mentee cass duffill strategy success story naturopath

“I made my nutrition practice my full time business”

“I came to Cass with the goal of leaving my full time job and making my nutrition business my full time role.  10 clients per week was my goal, which would allow me to leave my full time job – I achieved this in just six weeks with Cass’s support. I love being able to work full time in my own business”.



Working with Cass is invaluable! I’ve worked with her many times now in 1:1 premium mentoring and programs, and every time I learn new things and grow my practice. Her knowledge is amazing and she shares it generously! I look forward to working with her again.

Rosanna Mosca, Feeling Healthy Clinic


If you get the opportunity to work with Cass, you should take it! She gave me new ideas, helped me craft marketing strategy that works. She could see why my sales weren’t converting and how to improve my revenue streams. There’s no one else I’d go to for strategy in our industry.

Katie Barron, Naturopath & Educator


Working with Cass the last two years I’ve added recurring revenue streams to my business and I launched a new subscription box.  I’ve signed up to work with Cass again for 2024 and am excited about what’s in store!

Rebecca Lang, Bargara Beach Holistic Health & Of The Earth Juice Bar