The Power Of A Podcast – Health & Wellness Entrepreneurs

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The Power Of A Podcast – Health & Wellness Entrepreneurs

As a natural health and wellness entrepreneur, you need to find new & inventive ways to connect with your audience and share your knowledge.  In our digital world, where so many people are time poor, a podcast can offer an easy way to reach your ideal clients, as it can be much easier to listen to content that to read or watch it.  Think about your life, do you have time to watch an hour long Youtube video or webinar, or is it easier to find time to listen to an audio version?

In 2022 Australia overtook the USA as the largest podcast consuming nation, with 86% of Australians listening to podcasts and 60% of these listeners are female.    The average Australian podcast listener consumes almost 2 hours worth of podcast content every week, with the average podcast being 20-40mins long. Interesting, the most popular type of podcast in Australia currently is comedy, which tells us that whatever your niche, you will be well placed to include some light hearted elements and entertainment factor.

As a health & wellness practitioner, the key benefits of having a podcast include expanding your audience, standing out as a specialist or expert in your area, building relationships with listeners, and the ability to generate revenue from your podcast.  Let’s talk about these then I’ll share with you the four simple steps to starting your own podcast!

1. Expand Your Audience

Podcasts are an excellent way to reach a wider audience. People can listen to your podcast while driving, exercising, or doing other activities. They can also listen to your podcast at their convenience, which makes it easier for them to consume your content.  Without slides and content that requires their viewing attention, your content is much easier to consume.  Your podcast is also available to a huge, worldwide, audience, meaning you have a much larger potential client base.  Finally, as your podcast can be specifially tailored to your niche, you know your listeners will be your ideal clients.

2. Stand Out As The Expert

Podcasts allow you to showcase your expertise in your health and wellness niche. By sharing your knowledge and insights, you can establish yourself as an expert in your field. This can help you attract more clients and customers.  It’s also a great platform to showcase your results and outcomes, by having guest on that have worked with you and received great results.

3. Build Relationships

Podcasts allow you to build relationships with your audience. These relationships are really valuable, and called ParaSocial relationships. By hearing your voice and sharing your story, people start to feel like their know you.  This builds “KLT” (know, like, trust) much more quickly.   By sharing your personal experiences and stories, you can connect with your listeners on a deeper level.

4. Generate Revenue

Podcasts can also help you generate revenue in a range of different ways.  Yes, you can gain more clients and generate income that way.  You can monetize your podcast through sponsorships, advertising, and affiliate marketing, providing additional revenue streams to your business.  Additionally, adding more ways to work with you that are lower cost or easy entry, such as pdf downloads, DIY courses, short programs and more, give more options for listeners to buy who may not be ready yet to work with you one-to-one or in your premium health coaching programs.

The How To…

Many practitioners ask me how to start a podcast, so I’m going to share the four simple steps here. First though, ask yourself if podcasting is right for your niche. With a user market of 24-54 year olds (generally, there are some younger and some older) consider if it’s right for your niche. Also, it is something listeners will come to expect so you need to start with a view to continue long term – if you miss an episode your avid listeners will know!

With that in mind, here are the steps to start your own podcast

1. Choose your topic

Choose a topic that you are passionate about and that aligns with your natural health and wellness business. This will help you attract the right audience and establish yourself as an expert in your field. Consider the name and make it catchy and SEO friendly, so it comes up readily in organic search.  Consider what you want to talk about, what are the content pillars of your podcast?

2. Choose a format

How will you create your podcast – solo episodes, guest experiences, supplement company reviews, client stories, something else?  To keep it interesting try to include a variety of relevant formats.

3. Record and edit your podcast

It doesn’t take much tech to create a professional podcast. You’ll need a good microphone, like a Yeti, and recording software which is available online. There are heaps of recording options, so chose the one that is best for you. They all come a price, so choose what suits your budget. Unlike other social media type platforms, a podcast is not a free marketing channel and will take some monetary investment.

4. Publish and promote your podcast

To publish your podcast you’ll need a title image, which is easily created from Canva templates.  You may also want to prerecord an intro or buy a segment of intro music.  Once you have recorded and edited your podcast, publish it to your hosting platform. If you chose a quality recording platform they will distribute your podcast to multiple platforms (ie iTunes, Spotify) for you. Promote your podcast as you would any product or offer, using your social media, email marketing, and other channels to attract listeners.

In conclusion, having a podcast can be a valuable tool for you as a natural health and wellness practitioner. It can help you reach a wider audience, establish yourself as an expert, build relationships with your audience, and generate revenue. By following the four steps outlined above, you can start your own podcast and take your practice to new levels!

Would you like help to create and launch your podcast? Let me support you to create yours in a short term 1:1 mentoring program. Check them out here.

Thanks for reading 🙂


ps… keep an eye out for my new podcast launching in July!

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