The Simple Steps to Authentic Client Generation

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The Art of Authentic Lead Generation: Transforming Scarcity into Abundance

The Simple Steps to Authentic Client Generation

Attracting an abundance of aligned clients into your business can be accelerated with targeted strategies that are actually simple and easy to activate.  But make no doubt about it, it’s a bit of an art form in itself!  Long gone are the days where you can just start your business, announce it to the world, and watch the clients flood in.  Bringing in clients (ie lead generation) is a strategy all it’s own, and one often missed – and if you skip adding lead generation, your client flow will forever be difficult (if not, none existent).

So here are simple steps you can activate today, to help you start drawing in those clients:

  1. Revisit Your Why

Revisit and clarify what makes your services unique and why clients should choose you.  Adjust your messaging to speak directly to the challenges and desires of your ideal client.

  1. Optimize Your Online Presence

An optimised online presence has consistency across every space your potential client might find you, with the same profile picture, same hero statement and similar descriptions. Your website should be highly optimised too, targeted 3 to 5 key statements, and with a well crafted page for every service you have.  Use Google My Business regularly as it refreshes your content with the search engine and improves your rank, so more clients can find you. 

Remember to use language your ideal client would use to describe their need or issue, such as “how can I get pregnant easily” versus how you might describe it “natural fertility solutions”.  Use terms your ideal client would actually search for.

  1. Use Social Proof

People buy from people who get results and can show it!  Gather and showcase testimonials from satisfied clients,  share success stories and case studies on your website and across social networks. If you’re starting out and don’t have testimonials yet, why not offer some free sessions in exchange for testimonials or feedback?  Remember Google Reviews are public and as such, you’re allowed to use those on your website and advertising.

  1. Offer Something Exceptional for Free

You need to build an audience of ideal clients, who can come clients.  To do this you can use a freebie or lead magnet.  Create a high-value lead magnet, like an ebook, checklist, or on demand webinar, that your ideal client will find a lot of value in.  This needs a landing page on your website and to be regularly shared across your social platforms.  Statistics show we need 20-30 new leads per week to keep a client flow moving, so share your freebie widely!

  1. Leverage Simple Paid Ads

Share your freebie using paid ads on social media or google.  Start with a low budget, or whatever is achievable for you. It can take 6 weeks before you see decent results, as the platforms need to “learn” about what you offer, and who is attracted to it.  Over time you can adjust your ad copy, images and details to better target your ideal client and get a better return on your investment.  But for a small outlay you can see new leads coming in.

  1. Connect with Your Audience

It’s time to stop posting and ghosting! Start or join conversations on social media and forums where your potential clients hang out.  Provide helpful insights and build relationships without overtly selling.  Use your content to address their problems head-on, and show the solutions you offer.

  1. Email Marketing

As you’re building your audience, you need to nurture it, and this is done with email marketing.  Send a campaign to your existing mailing list, informing them of new offers or insights.  Set up a series of emails (welcome sequence) to back up the delivery of your lead magnet, then the lead goes on your “all contacts” list for your weekly newsletter or email.

8. Follow Up

Sounds silly I know, but the amount of entrepreneurs I work with that don’t have a proper follow up strategy really astounds me!  When they say they are struggling for clients, yet phone calls aren’t returned and emails are left unanswered.  Create a spreadsheet and track every lead you have, and note a date to follow up so you don’t forget.  

The right follow up process for a cold lead is three points of contact, then offer a booking or discovery call.  For a warm lead you could offer a booking or discovery call even sooner.  Anymore than three leads, leave it be, keep that contact on your email list, and keep nurturing

9. Host an Online Event

I build my clinic swiftly with this strategy. Every month I offered a free webinar on a topic my ideal client or niche would be interested in.  People came in droves, and brought their friends.  Don’t sell in this webinar, but follow up via email with an offer or value add, or suggest a discovery call.  If you market the event as a “special one-time opportunity to learn xxx” you may find even more sign ups! Share the event across all your marketing channels.

Quick Implementation Tips:

– Speed is of the essence. Create a simple action plan you can begin implementing today.

– Minimize barriers. Ensure your contact forms, scheduling applications, and lead magnets are easy to access and use.  A difficult booking system will deter even the nicest potential client!

– Follow up in a timely manner, I recommend within 24 hours for phone calls and maximum 48 hours for emails (this is between business hours).

– Track outcomes. Monitor which efforts yield the best results so you can scale them effectively.

Focus on activities with the highest potential for immediate returns. While consistent effort over time yields the best results, quick actions like optimizing your existing assets and leveraging paid ads can help in attracting clients right away. Remember to maintain a balance between implementing these strategies and not overwhelming yourself or your team.

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Thanks for reading, til next time

Cass x

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