Create a solid plan to acheive results, with expert help

VIP Strategy Intensive

Your next step in making your business goals reality – just you and me, coffee & planning…  sound good?

Tell me friend, does this sound like you?

Free Pink Check Mark, Download Free Pink Check Mark png ... You’re ready to take impactful steps forward but you want expert direction

Free Pink Check Mark, Download Free Pink Check Mark png ... You want to curate an offer suite that transforms your clients lives & creates abundant income

Free Pink Check Mark, Download Free Pink Check Mark png ... You need marketing that brings in your dream clients & stands you apart from the competition

Free Pink Check Mark, Download Free Pink Check Mark png ... You want help from someone who’s been there, who can see the big picture and move you forward

Free Pink Check Mark, Download Free Pink Check Mark png ... You’re ready to build a life by design, and create a thriving business to support it

Free Pink Check Mark, Download Free Pink Check Mark png ... You want to work with someone who is strategic, creative and action oriented, who’s also highly intuitive and can see new opportunities

Introducing the VIP Strategy Intensive, a strategic and creative experience that will bring out the opportunities in your business & give you a clear roadmap forward.

If you get the opportunity to work with Cass, you should take it! She gave me new ideas and helped me craft marketing and strategy that works.  She always focused on what was achievable for me, with family in mind. Cass could see why my sales funnel wasn’t converting and helped me craft a new launch process. I have clear direction now and I know what to do next.  There is no one else I’d go to for strategy in our industry!

Katie Barron

Naturopath & Educator

Hi, I’m Cass Duffill

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over two decades now, with 15 years in corporate marketing and strategic business management, for some of the world’s global brands.  Not your typical “online mentor” I actually have the degree qualifications, the skills and experience to back it up.  

I’ve been trusted to manage marketing & business strategy for some of the biggest brands in the world – think McDonald’s, Vodafone & Columbia Tristar Films. Yep, I was there! I then became a qualified natural health practitioner and opened a private practice, hitting six figures in my first year and multi six figures in the years that followed. I now help healers, helpers, coaches, therapists & practitioners, create the right business strategy and marketing to design their dream life & create the abundant income they deserve.

I took the learnings from big brands and applied them to entrepreneurship, so your business can grow and thrive just like the big guys!

So, are you ready?

Let me help you curate a plan so you can stand out, help those you love to help, and create the thriving business you desire!

The Process

A VIP Intensive isn’t the right fit for everyone or every business. You’ll start with a quick application form, and a free call with me, to check it’s the right fit for you. This is our process:

Apply now or secure your place right now

If you’re ready to go ahead, secure your spot by paying today. Otherwise hit “apply” and answer a few key questions, and I’ll let you know if it’s the right fit for you.

Book your date & your investment is due

We find a mutually acceptable day, Monday to Friday. If you’re local we meet in person, if your not, we’ll meet on Zoom.  Your payment is due at this time to secure the date. Payment plans are available.


You complete the questionnaire

It’s easy but in depth so allow yourself time to complete this and get all the information together.


We meet & create!

We hold two one hour meetings, over consecutive days, usually at the same time. You’ve got your prep work ready so we’re simply creating your strategy!  In between these sessions I’ll be working on your project and any elements we need for your strategic implementation.

You leave the VIP Intensive ready to roll!

Now I can’t make sweeping guarantees, but I can tell you that you’ll be surprised by how much we get done and the focus and clarity you’ll have to move forward!


A clear plan to follow & support

You’ll leave our process with a clear action plan, prioritised steps and clear focus. You’ll also have access to me for a week after, for questions & clarification.

What things could you work on?

Every VIP Intensive can be different, think of it as a “choose your own adventure” aimed at achieving your goals.  We can work on really any area of your business, marketing and strategy. 

Here are some examples of what you could choose to do:

Free Pink Check Mark, Download Free Pink Check Mark png ... Create your signature framework or system, including the steps, strategies and a model

Free Pink Check Mark, Download Free Pink Check Mark png ... Map your offer suite, including moving away from offers that aren’t profitable, adding new offers from 1:1 and premium services, programs & packages, memberships & more

Free Pink Check Mark, Download Free Pink Check Mark png ... Review & refine your marketing collateral, from reviewing your website to rewriting your sales pages

Free Pink Check Mark, Download Free Pink Check Mark png ... Create your marketing content plan, including content pillars, annual marketing plan and unique marketing ecosystem (doesn’t include daily content posts but you’ll have ideas to work from)

A VIP Strategy Intensive is exactly what you need to start taking strategic steps forward to grow and scale your business right now.

Who is this for?

Entrepreneurs who are:

  • ready to reach the next level in your business
  • know what you want to achieve
  • passionate about what you do
  • driven and motivated
  • open-minded and ready to take advice

This isn’t for you if:

  • you’re not ready to make some big CEO style decisions
  • you don’t want to do the work or stand out
  • you’re brand new to your business
  • you’re not ready to take action

Your Investment

VIP Strategy Intensive is $5250 AUD ex GST
Pay in full & payment plan available

Where: Online or face-to-face on the Gold Coast, Australia

When: at a mutually agreed upon date

IMPORTANT – not exactly sure what you want to achieve from a VIP Intensive?
Don’t worry, we can determine the best strategy together before your VIP Intensive.

What You Get

Clarity, direction and a clear plan to follow, for whatever area of your business we work on. You’ll leave the VIP Intensive with a focus and knowing exactly what to do next to activate your vision.

– 2 sessions on consecutive days, either in person or on zoom
– My strategic direction & support
– Clear plan of action, any resources or documents required from me that we’ve created
– Detailed notes and clear direction
– Access to me via chat for 30 days after, for questions or clarification

Depending on what we work on, you might create or receive a Strategy Plan template, Marketing Content Template, Marketing Plan Calendar Template or other relevant materials.

Apply Now

Secure Your Spot

Got Questions?

Here are the answers to some common questions.

What outcomes will I achieve from a VIP Strategy Intensive?

Most clients are surprised with how much we get done!  Check the list of options above to see what you want to aim for.  We can work towards pretty much whatever you have in mind – as long as it’s in my skill suite!


How do I prepare?

Don’t worry, I’ll have prep work for you to make sure you get the most out of your time with me.  The questionnaire is due three days prior to our session so I have time to review it. Please include as much detail as possible.

I'm in a different timezone, how will this work?

I’ve worked with clients globally and we always manage to find times that suit us both.  I often work in the early morning or evening (my time) to ensure the times are suitable for my global clients.

Tell me about the payment plan?

The payment plan allows you to split the full cost into smaller part payments. I can create a custom payment schedule if the set 3 payments doesn’t suit you.  The full balance is due before your VIP Strategy Intensive.

Are their refunds?

No there are no refunds. This is a premium experience and you will get the outcome we establish, ie your offer suite mapped out, your marketing copy revamped, etc.  Remember the real gold is in you implementing what we strategise, that’s when the huge value of this experience shows itself!

Can I bring a team member?

Yes, if you like.  A maximum of 3 people from your business can be included. Can I suggest that you keep the attendance as minimal as possible and to people who can actually contribute. I’ve seen clients get less value than they should, due to distractions caused by others they brought to attend.  Bringing extra people is often counter-productive to your progress.

I really want help to create my offer suite or map out my marketing channels (ie ecosystem)?

Absolutely! These are the two most requested focuses for this service and two that I’m very passionate about!  I’ve also done a lot of work on branding, visibility marketing, curating a signature system, building a signature program or course – and so much more.   We will get clear on the direction before our day.

Is this mentoring, coaching, a long term commitment?

This is a completely different service to my mentoring and programs (and I’m not a coach, I’m a strategist 😉).  I will work with you over the course of the two meetings and any in between correspondence, to direct your strategy and business direction.  There is no long term commitment from you, it’s a one-off service that you implement on your own after our work is complete.  Should you want ongoing support you are welcome to speak to me about my 1:1 mentoring that I offer in 6, 12 and 6 month blocks.

I'm not sure if I should do this, your 1:1 mentoring, a program with you or something else?

If you’re not sure if this is the right fit for you, jump on a free connection call and let’s work out your best next steps.  Use the “book” button in the main menu to book a time to speak with me.