Why Are You Stuck On The 1:1 Round About?

Cass Duffill: Business Success Strategist & Marketing Expert

why are you stuck on the 1:1 round about? New revenue streams for healers, helpers, naturopaths, nutritionist

Why Are You Stuck On The 1:1 Round About?


One-to-one appointments are the bread and butter for many in the healing and wellness industry, including naturopaths, therapists, coaches, and nutritionists. However, a common pitfall for these passionate healers and helpers is getting stuck on the 1:1 roundabout with a packed schedule, leaving little room for growth or personal time.  Or worse yet, stuck on the feast and famine cycle, where you either are so busy you can barely keep up… or you’re struggling for clients.

This blog post will shed light on stepping off the 1:1 roundabout, adding revenue streams to grow your business in an easier (and more profitable way), that can continue without you, should it need to.

Understanding the 1:1 Roundabout Trap
You were taught, as were we all, when you did your qualifications that what you offer is 1:1 appointments and that full books is the hallmark of success.  The great thing about 1:1 consultations is that they allow personalized content and unique client experiences, making them an integral part of the healing business.

However, the 1:1 model severely limits your time, thus restricting the number of people you can help and the revenue you can generate.  You will eventually hit a point where you don’t have any hours left in the day and your income will be capped.  So how do you move beyond it?

Stepping Off the 1:1 Roundabout
Monetise Your Skills In New Ways
Diversifying your revenue streams is a compelling strategy to scale, while reducing workload and boosting income.  The knowledge you have is so applicable to other revenue streams, that if you’re not adding passive and semi passive streams, group options or packages, you really are missing out.  

Here are some ideas specifically for healers and helpers:

Group Sessions: Offering classes, workshops, or group therapy can extend your reach to more clients simultaneously, enhancing both your impact and income.

Online Courses: Use digital platforms to create and sell online courses. These can be self-paced courses that your audience can undertake according to their schedule, freeing up your time. A program that runs completely without the need for your involvement is a passive income stream. Should you need to deliver some of it, it is a semi passive income stream.

Online Group Programs: A blend of a program and a group session, where online components are offered as well as some 1:1 consults (often via telehealth) that allow you to customise treatment protocols and still offer a tailored transformation.

Memberships: Develop membership programs that provide exclusive content, services, or products for a recurring fee. This strategy is a win-win, providing consistent value to your clients and steady income for you.  Creating community is also an added benefit of this approach.

Digital Products: E-books, wellness guides, or recipe compilations can provide low-cost, passive income sources. These are completely passive income streams and I class these as “free income” as you make it once, and every sale is a bonus!

The Importance of a Mentor
The journey from 1:1 consultations to diversified revenue streams often requires trial and error, as well as an understanding of tech and marketing. This could mean it takes time for your new revenue stream to be up and running – if in fact you manage to launch it at all!

Take the fast track when adding new revenue streams and monetising your skills in new ways, by aligning with a mentor who can guide you.  A mentor who’s been through the same path can provide valuable insights, potential pitfalls to avoid, and tricks that boosted their success.  This is exactly how I help entrepreneurs, just like you!

When I added programs and courses to my clinic these added over $170k to my business over the next two years. How great would it be to add that to your clinic? Even better if you get to skip the trial and error and just get straight to the good part!  I help healers and helpers do exactly that, in both my premium 1:1 mentoring journey Create & Elevate, as well as my group mastermind The Elevation Code. Check them out and see which is the best fit for you!

More than adding revenue streams, when we work on your business it brings the advantage of experience-based knowledge, empowering you to make informed decisions about diversifying your business model.  I help you develop the right business model, strategy and marketing for growth.  You’ll also get the benefit of accountability and support –  I’ll keep you on track and be there with help when you need it.

So friends, stepping off the 1:1 roundabout opens up a world of opportunities to scale your business, increase your income, and help more people. The path may seem daunting, but my guidance and support, a diversified revenue stream business model and a thriving practice, won’t be far away!  You’ll move from feeling overwhelmed to feeling empowered. Remember, every successful journey starts with the courage to take the first step, so take yours today!

Book a free connection call and let’s talk about how we can grow and diversify your business.

Cass x


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