Psst….health pracs, you’re not actually selling consults!

Cass Duffill: Business Success Strategist & Marketing Expert

Psst….health pracs, you’re not actually selling consults!

Ok, I see you scratching your head.  You’re a health prac, a naturopath, a nutritionist, some other modality.  You run a business and you KNOW you sell consults.  Your main aim is to “fill your books” and run back to back clients all day, every day.

Sound about right?

I admit, that is what we strive to do.  We hustle, spend hours on socials sharing content, whittle away hours on design programs creating the perfect images; research what other pracs are doing (generally just copying a price point).

Problem is, this misses the mark for the client.

When they come to you they are not looking for

  • the most qualified practitioner
  • who’s got the most consult inclusions
  • how great your socials look

What a client is actually looking for when they find you is….drum roll please…


That client has been on a hunt for someone particular to address their big issue, their pain point.  What is that issue? It could be anything – hormones, gut health, their stuffed immune system, inability to loose weight; fertility; energy; chronic fatigue… the list goes on.

What is key is that you offer a SOLUTION to their pain point.  Something they can relate to, trust in and have faith that you can deliver.

Think for a moment that I’m a potential client looking at a website for someone to fix my gut issues.

I find two websites.

Website A says:
“I have a degree in naturopathy and I’ve practiced for over 10 years”

Website B says:
“Do you have a crappy gut? Would you like to eat without dealing with bloating, cramps or feeling sick? I’ve helped so many of my clients recover from gut issues. I can help you too!”

Which would you chose if you were the client? I can tell you which I would pick…Website B for sure!

Not saying to omit your quals and experience from your site, exactly the opposite. Having that content on your site in an “about” type section  will add to the trust & authenticity the client is looking for (to make it really personable I love “Meet Cass” instead of the stodgy old “about me”…but anyway..).   The client has already chosen you based on the SOLUTION you offered, they’re just confirming their decision.

To sum up, my #1 tip for getting clients (and your ideal clients) is offer them SOLUTIONS.  With a solution on offer you can attract your ideal clients, one’s you really want to work with and that you can truly help.

Right now I want you to go take a look at your website. What does it say? Are you clearly communicating the solution you offer?  If not, spend some time today making a few tweaks.

Come share with me on the facebook group what solution you offer and how you convey that to your potential clients.

Let’s do this!
Cass xo

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