Your Personalised Marketing Blueprint is:
Social Butterfly

The Social

You’re a Social Butterfly! Your energy and enthusiasm shine when you’re interacting with others. You’re at your best when you’re engaging directly with your audience, sparking conversations, and creating buzz. With a knack for making connections, you’re keen on building a community around your brand. Social media isn’t just a platform for you; it’s a playground where you foster relationships and turn customers into brand ambassadors. Your infectious charisma and ability to stay on the pulse of the conversation make you a natural at viral marketing and live events.

Where You
Are At

Where others cringe away from social media, you jump for excitement with new platforms and developments. You’re in a unique position where your innate ability to engage and excite holds tremendous potential for organic growth and brand loyalty.

You have a real knack for turning online connections into true engagements and you’re never short on ideas. Where you excel is in creating memorable experiences and resonating deeply with your audience, making you exceptionally skilled at community building and driving engagement.  

Your strategies often leverage real-time trends and popular culture, ensuring your brand stays relevant and top-of-mind. However, your focus on social interactions can sometimes mean you lose sight of data-driven decision-making and long-term strategic planning.

Balancing your natural flair for conversation and connection with a more structured approach to analytics and ROI measurement could elevate your marketing game, ensuring not just quick wins but sustainable growth and deeper brand affinity.

Your Strengths

Leveraging an array of platforms, activities, and marketing channels, Social Butterflies truly excel where community and conversations flourish. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, places where your talent for sparking engagement shines, and your content feels right at home. Instagram stories, live sessions on Facebook or TikTok can become powerful tools for you. You have an innate understanding of what makes social media tick.

Your skills extend to offline realms like event marketing and networking events, where your ability to engage, share and network builds your business and brand. You use various platforms and activities to maximize visibility and engagement, making you a virtuoso of the social media landscape, capable of turning every post, tweet, or event into a meaningful interaction that draws people closer to your brand.

Your Challenge

Despite their clear strengths, Social Butterflies face challenges regarding the sustainability of engagement, balancing creative output with analytical rigor, and susceptibility to platform changes and algorithms. Their love of immediate & live content can mean they forget the need for long-term strategy and consistent messaging.

Time management is also a hurdle as maintaining active, meaningful dialogues across multiple channels demands considerable resources. Also, a reliance on ever-changing social media platforms risks exposure to algorithm shifts and potential digital fatigue, all of which could leave your business lacking for clients and revenue.

How To Make The Most Of Your Marketing Blueprint


Start to back your marketing activities with solid strategy.  You’ll get great results when you take your knack for social media and content creation, and align it with your business goals.


Create a clear marketing plan so you have flow and consistency of content. A Social Butterfly’s tendency to follow trends and get excited by the creative process, can mean their content lacks for flow and structure.


Remember to incorporate story-telling and your brand values in your marketing. You’re great at sharing the everyday and the exciting, but can do so at the expense of going deeper and letting your audience connect with your mission and values.

Your Next Steps

There are tweaks to be made to your marketing, in terms of the channels you use, the messaging and perhaps the frequency too.  I invite you to check out my free guide CONTENT THAT CONNECTS to help you craft marketing messages that will resonate with your audience.

I’m sure you’ll pick up some additional tips that will help you improve your marketing and build a more successful business.

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