Your Personalised Marketing Blueprint is:
The Connector

The Connector

You’re a Connector! Relationships are at the core of your marketing philosophy. You thrive on building networks and nurturing partnerships that expand your brand’s reach and influence. You have an innate understanding of the power of personal connection and community. With a focus on collaboration and mutual benefit, you open doors and create opportunities that others might miss. Your ability to bring people together and leverage these connections sets you apart. Your marketing approach emphasizes the impact of trust, authenticity, and personal rapport in creating a strong and loyal customer base.

Where You
Are At

As a Connector, you immerse yourself in the art of relationship-building within your marketing efforts, focusing on personal interactions and trust to expand your brand.

You harness the power of social media, networking events, and collaborations, understanding these as crucial platforms for engaging directly with your audience and industry peers. Your approach leans heavily on authenticity, engaging in dialogues rather than monologues across these platforms, which naturally attracts and retains a dedicated following.

Your Strengths

Your inherent strengths lie in your ability to foster connections and work within communities. Platforms like LinkedIn, for networking, and Instagram, for building brand presence through stories and direct engagement, suit your strengths perfectly. You thrive on these platforms by engaging in meaningful conversations, sharing insightful content that resonates with your audience, and leveraging direct messaging to build relationships one-on-one.

You’ll create success delivering networking events, collaborations and professional retreats and trainings.  Affiliates and collaborations are second nature to you and you’ll do well to include them in your marketing efforts. PR is another area in which you shine.

Your Challenge

You face a challenge in scaling these personal interactions and making sales in your business, while retaining the authenticity that defines your brand.

A brand built on authentic connections, as your audience grows, so does the difficulty in maintaining the same level of personal connection with each person.

Additionally, in the vast digital landscape, standing out and consistently finding meaningful ways to connect can require a significant investment of time and creativity.

How To Make The Most Of Your Marketing Blueprint


Look at adding automations, systems and funnels into your business.  1:1 connection is amazing, but as you grow and garner more success, you’ll find less time to foster connections yourself.


Focus on community building and gather a following of people who align with your message and values. Connecting with your audience on-mass will save you time and trouble, and free up time for generating revenue in your business.


Choose partners wisely. You love of connecting and building relationships can see you saying “yes” to more opportunities than you actually want or need.  Select wisely and save your energy for the opportunities that have the best outcomes for your business.

Your Next Steps

There are tweaks to be made to your marketing, in terms of the channels you use, the messaging and perhaps the frequency too.  I invite you to check out my free guide CONTENT THAT CONNECTS to help you craft marketing messages that will resonate with your audience.

I’m sure you’ll pick up some additional tips that will help you improve your marketing and build a more successful business.

Cass Duffill | Heart of Business. Helping heart-centred businesses get clients, create easy marketing that works and grow in an authentic & aligned way.

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