Your Personalised Marketing Blueprint is:
The Analyst

The Analyst

You’re a natural with numbers and data! You have a innate proficiency in sifting through data to uncover insights and making evidence-based decisions. With a strategic mindset and an affinity for numbers, you can identify patterns and trends that others might miss. You excel at measuring campaign performance and optimizing strategies to achieve the best possible results. Your approach is methodical and precise, ensuring that every marketing move is tracked, analysed, and refined. Facts and figures are your tools for crafting a compelling marketing narrative that is both persuasive and provable.

Where you’re at

You love diving into data and crafting marketing actions – funnels are your friend. You enjoy the process of planning and creating and you love seeing the results.  Watching conversion rates improve or open rates go up on your email campaigns is your happy place.

You have great instincts and know by feel what to tweak or change to get results flowing. The planning and detail are such a joy for you, and you instinctively know how to leverage the data to improve what you do.  SEO is not something you fear but something you enjoy and you love seeing the results of your efforts in increased traffic.

However, while your eye for detail and ability to tweak metrics in your favour is enviable, you find you’re not getting enough clients booking in or creating enough revenue for your business to be truly viable – or to provide the fulfilment you’re looking for.

Your Strengths

The great news for The Analyst is you don’t hold the fear that many entrepreneurs do, about the data or tech. You know you can work it out and numbers come naturally.  Luckily you aren’t barriered by fears that often plague others here, meaning results will come more easily.

You’re confident in your ability to understand tasks involving metrics and numbers, and you have no worries about using your skills.  Your abilities in this area are very natural and others wish they were as adept as you are in these ways.

Your Challenge

The challenge for The Analyst is typically one of two things:  

One, you love the data and metrics so much that you fail to broaden your marketing scope, execute marketing, or you don’t have a solid marketing plan in place.  Having a well performing site or an optimised funnel is just one piece of a marketing plan.

The other challenge for The Analyst is focus, as you can spend so much time on the planning and numbers, you don’t execute enough marketing or make any offers to your audience.  Using analysis to improve traffic to your site only works if you’re attracting the right people AND have amazing offers to sell those who come!

Both of these can leave you wondering what to do next and how to get more clients on the books – and more revenue into the business you love.

How To Make The Most Of Your Marketing Blueprint


Your strength lies in marketing that has a basis in numbers and metrics.  You’re great at things like SEO, funnels, email marketing, conversion campaigns and paid advertising.


You can attract organic traffic easily with these skills, the difficulty for you is converting them.  Be sure to include marketing around your offers and the great outcomes they provide. Show what you can do!


Use your skills to expand your marketing repertoire, you could track engagement and reach on social media to improve your interest, or create a strategy to grow a Youtube channel, podcast or Pinterest account.

Your Next Steps

There are tweaks to be made to your marketing, in terms of the channels you use, the messaging and perhaps the frequency too.  I invite you to check out my free guide CONTENT THAT CONNECTS to help you craft marketing messages that will resonate with your audience.

I’m sure you’ll pick up some additional tips that will help you improve your marketing and build a more successful business.

Cass Duffill | Heart of Business. Helping heart-centred businesses get clients, create easy marketing that works and grow in an authentic & aligned way.

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